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25th May 2018

"Dismiss the NGC Party at your Peril," Former APC Minister Warns Ernest's Govt! 

By a press release (31/12/17)

As the most unpredictable elections on March 7, any positive advice to keep the ruling government in power must be taken seriously by the APC.


Such a potential admonishment was recently dished out in a sincere article to put the APC on their toes. It was composed by the corrupt-free former Social Welfare Minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden on her way to London. (Photo: The National Grand Coalition NGC leader Dr. Kandeh Yumkella and wife). 

It remains to be seen if President Ernest Koroma and his APC government would take this priceless advice in good faith. Below is the article published verbatim:

Dr S.O. Blyden writes....

Sylvia Blyden is right on this again. The people are yawning for change. Going out to all those dismissing the NGC. Read this piece by Dr. Sylvia Blyden

You are like an ostrich with the head in the sand. You really think NGC is a mere SLPP outfit? You day dream my darling brother and Comrade!

Let's look at one of APC strongest bases at Mile-91

Do you really know who is John Gbla in Mile-91? This is the strong APC man who in 2013, brought the entire Mile-91 and its environs to a political standstill when the APC denied him the symbol to contest for Bye Elections parliamentary seat in that Constituency. In reaction to being denied that symbol in 2013, John Gbla just announced he will be running for parliament as an independent candidate. A chunk of APC youths and elders and women in return announced they will follow Gbla. I was then the SEA to the President at State House.

After several attempts by APC local, district, regional and national APC executives all failed to pacify the irate APC supporters, guess what happened? The President himself had to personally cancel his entire schedule at State House and drive up to Mile-91 with a huge entourage to go and personally beg John Gbla to step down as an independent candidate. At one point, it became so intense, the sacred male society of that area, was involved in certain manoeuvres. That is how potent John Gbla is...

Let's look at another APC Stronghold of Kabala/Falaba/Koinadugu

Do you really know who Peter Bayuku Konteh aka Agbangba Jazz is in those parts? Do you know the role he played to demolish SLPP inside Koinadugu pre-2007? Let me give you some personal experiences. Since 2008 to date, I have through personal interactions, philanthrophy and excellent show of leadership, built up a sizeable following amongst a significant segment of Koinadugu youths.

I count myself as having a say up there to an extent, it is only the likes of SYLVIA BLYDEN who can even try to little bit sway the undying love for Agbangba Jazz from the youths there... I say that with no boast but it is just FACTUAL! When Agbangba Jazz as Tourism Minister in July 2013, called a press conference to launch terrible attacks on me as the then SEA to President Koroma over my stance of raising alarms on Ebola, he was stunned at the disappointment towards him from his strongest youthful supporters in Kabala. He never expected I enjoyed so much love from Kabala youths.

But you know what his youth supporters later said to me: MUMMY, DO YA FORGIVE AM. NA WE POPPAY WAY KERR WE GO APC AND WE NOR GO EVER COMMOT BEHEN AM!!! The youths of Koinadugu love Agbangba Jazz to exponential levels!!!!. When he had his own mishap down the line later and Awareness Times, under my then leadership, HIT HIM VERY HARD, the Kabala youths were now disappointed in Awareness Times and told me so. I told them it was Quid Pro Quo. But you could sense the love they have for him.

So, I speak from personal experience when I say it is ridiculous to continue to dismiss NGC as an SLPP outfit. There is absolutely no way you can call Peter Bayuku or John Gbla as being SLPP guys.

And these are just two examples out of a myriad of strong APC persons who have crossed their support over to the NGC... Some have done so quietly to avoid being harassed.

Can you continue to keep your head in the sands that NGC is SLPP PART TWO? Nope. It is not... The NGC is growing exponentially... Take it or leave it.

The APC had a chance to have dismantled Yumkella a long time ago but they fiddled and fiddled so Yumkella behaved like how my good friend, former President Yahya Jammeh used to advise politicians to behave when under pressure but with an ambition - Yumkella behaved like an hibernating baby Boa Constrictor snake (a BOMAN SNAKE).

Yumkella ducked away from sight for a while and went into a political lacuna pretending to be weak. When he came out from his snake tunnel, he was no longer a baby snake but a massive Boman to be feared. How does one now handle this huge Boa constrictor that is fiercely rummaging towards a goal? Can the APC stop Yumkella now? Food for thought!!!!

Let me log off. I don't want to miss my flight!


1958 -1980


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