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25th May 2018

Aki-Sawyerr Romances Market Women & Thorpe's Mayoral Vision

By a press release (25/12/17)

The elections campaign for the coveted Mayoral hot seat in Freetown is gaining momentum as two front runners continue romancing voters.  


Mayoral hopeful lights up Lumley Market in a surprise recent visit of lady Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr where she romantically interacted with the local market women. (Photo: Smiling Aki-Sawyerr, 2nd right).

The Market women were excited in meeting with Yvonne as they came out in their hundreds to have a glimpse of Madam Aki-Sawyerr. The women expressed their excitement as they danced and rejoiced around Yvonne.

Thrilled market women danced and sang: "Yvonne4Mayor, ForWiCommunity, ForWiProgress, ForWiFreetong." It seems Aki-Sawyerr's message has really sunk in.
Prince Harold Thorpe Outlines Attractive Vision for the Mayorship in Freetown
"A true prodigy of the Freetown Municipality has now emerged in the person of Prince Harold Thorpe," his admirers echoed loudly.

Giving reasons for his quest to become the historic city's servant as he runs for Mayor in the next Local Council Elections, Thorpe articulated: "It's not just our diversity, but it's also our people that makes Freetown unforgettable and worthy of the finest service from the best of minds among it people."

He furthered noted that there is always room to turn Freetown the good into Freetown the Better. With less than 3 month until the next Municipal election, local candidates including mayoral hopeful are gearing up for what's sure to be one of the most exciting contested elections we've seen in the decades and our city's future depends on who we elect as Mayor.

Speaking to grass root media network in a more candid tone, the Freetown prodigy said: ''A large part of why I'm running is because I for one am tired with the lack of vision, leadership and plaque of dirty politics that have hindered our collective progress. As an advocate for the past four years, I've come to realise that those who are not engaged in the political process are treated as afterthoughts, a situation I hope to bring to an end when I take over services in the Municipality."

The apparent Mayor also noted among other things, the so-called division between Eastern and Western is one that needs to be addressed and remedied as we need to be one Freetown, united in our differences. "Promoting it as strength rather than weakness. Our political culture needs to change by giving more opportunity to our able youth. Those that want things to remain the same need to consider that the original foundation of our democracy is to ensure every voice is heard," Prince Thorpe related.

Modern Freetown according to him, is a city ripe with city-builders, which are being built by local community visionaries. "Who are coming together like never before to discuss how we can make a good city even better. Ideas like transit investment, smart financial management and green initiatives are the core of a movement slowly brewing, waiting for a chance to have a positive impact on the daily lives of Freetonians everywhere."

He noted if Prince is elected in the city's next Mayoral Elections, he truly believes he would better the lives of people and provided we all work together for the common good of our city and country.

Courtesy: Grassroot Media Network.


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