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25th May 2018

SLRSA Chaos as Transport Minister Sacks Bendu & Ushers in Another Koroma!

By a press release (23/12/17)

The Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority SLRSA faces a chaotic transformation as Transport Minister replaced Bendu with another Koroma!


Latest reports say external auditors are expected to probe Dr. Sarah Bendu, the exiled SLRSA Executive Director who stands accused of allegations ranging from abuse of office, insubordination, incitement, mismanagement and inefficiency to corruption and misused of state funds, meant for the development of the SLRSA. (Photo: The fall of SLRSA Queen Sarah Bendu).

The arbitrary action of the Transport Minister Balogun Koroma was aided by the Board of Directors of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority to virtually sack and force the hard working exiled Director was also accused of accumulated leave, owing to the fact that she has never honour her leave provision for the past 4 years.

Anonymous staff members say Dr. Sarah Bendu has in her possession two of the vehicles purchased by Government in China and two Motor Bikes belonging to the SLRSA and that Dr. Sarah Bendu has been operating the institution with the aide of her husband and few misguided people, whose interests are to deprive the actual brains behind the existence of the SLRSA. Dr. Bendu is also accused of refusing to increase the salary of workers since 2015 which led to many strike actions that prompted the Board of Directors to intervene to salvage the situation.

"She sacked staff of the SLRSA and employed her cronies, thus hire contractors without regard for administrative best practice and procedures with immunity only to go against Cabinet and Board decision. Thanks to the Minister, for clearing the air," says a staff member.

Another School of Thought on the SLRSA Saga!

Minister of Transport and Aviation, Logus Koroma, has ordered security forces to secure the office of the Executive Director of SLRSA, and ordered Dr. Sarah Bemdu, to go on an indefinite leave immediately.

This is because Dr Sarah Bendu refused to award a contract to a close relative of Minister Balogun because the procurement process was flawed.

Balogun got the Board which had initially backed Dr. Bendu to now support him and he has written a letter to Dr Bendu for her to go on immediate leave.

To back up his letter, Balogun has ordered security forces to storm the SLRSA even though it has its own security outfit.

Dr Bendu refused to comment, while those close to her are asking whether this is the right way to relieve an Executive Director.

At the moment the SLRSA is at a standstill. Minister Balogun could not be reached for comments.

Courtesy: Tom Delaney


Minister of Transport and Aviation's Address to Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority SLRSA Employees

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Members of the Board of Directors, The Press

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my pleasure to be here this morning to introduce the new Acting Executive Director, Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) and address other relevant issues that need clarification following the impasse that occurred yesterday. It is unfortunate that the erstwhile Executive Director, Dr. Sarah Bendu decided to take the path in defiance of the Board of Directors following the issuance of the leave notification letter by the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) Board on Wednesday 20th December, 2017.

I was amazed when Dr. Sarah Bendu hastily called a press conference in which she lambasted the Minister, the Cabinet and Parliament with baseless and unfounded allegations bordering on incitement of Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) workers, barricading her Office and attempting to take away sensitive government documents, allegedly to the Ministry of Finance which was already closed at that time. She also stated at the meeting that she will not go on leave inspite of the Board instructions.

Dr. Sarah Bendu was instructed by letter to proceed on accumulated leave by the Board of Directors after several futile attempts to get her to proceed on accrued leave which goes as far back as 2013/14. Instead of proceeding, she came to my office to beg for an extension in office to which I refused.

Dr. Sarah Bendu's refused to hand over her personal official file to neither the Human Resources Department at SLRSA or the Board of Directors even after several requests were made all in a bid to hamper the efforts of the Board.

The Board therefore had no option but to send her on indefinite leave whilst re-examining her leave entitlement from her hidden to be communicated to her in due course. END.

As we go to press, one Memunatu Koroma, another Koroma clan, has been appointed to serve as Acting Executive Director of SLRSA as investigations continue.


1958 -1980


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