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25th May 2018

Maada's 'Blocking the Leakages' Message on BBC is very Sour in APC's Ears!

By Pastor M. Sesay (23/12/17)

Maada Bio's interview on BBC Focus on Africa came down like a sledgehammer on the head of the ruling All Peoples Congress party.


In Primary School we were told that old women never like where dry bones are called. In this case, APC is that old, shrinking, frail old lady that never likes where the dry bones of its leakages, are called. (Photo: Maada Bio readying for the BBC interview in London).

Maada Bio came in for a roasting for daring to tread where other politicians are afraid to tread. In fact the mere mention of "leakages" by SLPP flagbearer, Julius Maada Bio, sent the shivers down the spines of the APC and its members and supporters.

Just like the old lady that never likes to hear where dry bones are mentioned by quickly changing the subject, APC quickly changed the subject today by mentioning figures, eloquence and all that all for the simple reason that what it never wanted heard , has been heard by the whole world.

Are there no leakages? Of course there are. Are there no loopholes that allow for corruption and corrupt practices to be carried out at will? Of course there are.

Nearly all foreign mining companies operating in Sierra Leone do not pay corporate taxes. Not by choice but by game plan giving even them a guilty conscience.

Those are wide open leakages that must be shut because in as much as those corporate taxes coffers may not be going to government revenue, they might be finding their way elsewhere through leakages. Signed, sealed and delivered!!

Inflated costs for contracts - almighty leakages them!! Maada Bio hit the APC with an uppercut where it hurts most and now it is left screaming its head off trying hard to divert attention.

But unfortunately for it, majority of the people have heard and they are beginning to ask questions having been educated by Maada Bio in that short interview that the wealth that belongs to the people is leaking somewhere in the homes of those who have the acumen to collect and keep those loot.


Maada said it plain that he don't go around keeping figures in his head like a mad scientist.


Maad was never on the road to give an English Language lecture at Oxford University. Plain, simple English and well communicated even for the illiterate to understand.

And the message has gone out loud and clear that under an SLPP administration all leakages will be blocked.

Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay


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