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25th May 2018

Why Samura Admirer Thinks he Will Secure State House for the APC Come 2018!

By Abdulai Kychom (21/12/17)

Within my social circles, I normally meet people asking who Dr Samura Kamara is? But over the past weeks, something has changed dramatically! 


For the past few weeks since the APC National Delegates Conference, most of those I’ve met have said that he is little known among the grassroots. (Photo: Samura and running mate Chernor Bah aka Chericoco). But over the past weeks, something has changed dramatically. People have started saying that “We know him” and “He’s our Foreign Minister and next president”. That’s likely because Dr Samura Kamara’s stepping aside from his job as Foreign Minister to enable him become fully engage in his presidential bid in the forthcoming general elections is a step in the right direction. 

Traditional as well as social media have certainly taken notice too. Many are calling on the APC presidential candidate to engage the media without further delay because voters are anxious to hear from him given that he’s the leading candidate under the ruling party’s ticket and most likely positioned to win the presidential elections because of the machinery and organized state of his party - the APC and more importantly the popularity of the current Chairman and Leader of the APC Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. He’s still very much, without any iota of doubt, the most popular and most powerful politician in Sierra Leone. This is a big plus for Dr Samura Kamara. 

Furthermore, Dr Samura Kamara has the experience, qualifications and know how as well as the temperament to occupy and discharge the responsibilities of the Office of the President. He’s already met almost all the leaders of the world in his role as Foreign Minister. His experience will come in handy to move our country forward. 

During his tenure as Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Sierra Leone hosted in Freetown the African Union Caucus of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors for two consecutive years. This was in a way to open up the country to business, trade and investment and also an attempt at rebranding of the country. Dr Samura Kamara has spent considerable amount of time in the public sector with lots of achievements as a development economist, with strong foundation in diplomacy, macroeconomics, public finance, central banking and financial sector policy analyses and enduring reforms. Prior to his appointment as Finance Minister, Dr Kamara served as Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone and Financial Secretary in the Finance Ministry. 

According to a portion of his CV I read in one Commonwealth magazine, Dr Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara is “an articulate, unassuming diplomat, who also served the International Monetary Fund as Alternate Executive Director for Africa Group 1 Constituency; Commonwealth Secretariat as Senior Economic Officer (Economic Affairs Department), and as Chief Programme Officer in between.”

Dr Samura Kamara helped President Koroma unleash several reforms, including the Sierra Leone’s Pubic Financial Management Systems, strengthening Public Expenditure Management Budget planning and execution, ensured the Auditor General's report was made public to hold vote/vault controllers accountable (something never heard of during the SLPP), real average GDP growth of 5.2% per annum (excluding iron ore) and poverty incidence falling from 66% in 2004 to 53% in 2011. 

Dr Samura Kamara in collaboration with a very competent team conceptualized and implemented Sierra Leone’s most successful development strategy, the Agenda for Change (2008-2012). Dr Samura Kamara helped champion the merger of income tax Dept with Custom Excise for efficient tax collection at the NRA. He was also part of the negotiation team that won debt cancellation for Sierra Leone in 2007. During the 2010 Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) exercises, the Free Health Care Initiative was considered a bold,  decisive, poverty-reduction and life-saving initiative.

Dr Kamara also signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Indonesia flag Carrier Gurunda Airlines to start operations in Sierra Leone. He pioneered the introduction of an integrated financial management information system in Sierra Leone and played an instrumental role in improving tax administration through the creation of the National Revenue Authority and Pubic Procurement. Dr Samura Kamara further contributed immensely in improving tax administration through the creation of the National Revenue Authority and Pubic Procurement.

The current APC presidential candidate helped to implement Civil Service Reforms to ensure the Civil Service possessed the right mix of skills. So those asking questions about whether he’s well known across the country, this is your answer. He’s the best man for the job and come March 2018, don’t hesitate to cast your vote for him as he’s well trained and well groomed to discharge the office of the President for the betterment of all Sierra Leoneans. 


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