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25th May 2018

Jawie Chiefdom Children Revive the Warriors' Association in Kailahun

By Augustine Samba (19/12/17)

The children of Jawie Chiefdom have put plans in place to transform the unity of indigenes leading to sustainable development in Kailahun.


Reports say the District Jawie Warriors' Association is the pioneer of this vital devlopment plan. It kicked off on Sunday 10th December 2017 when a maiden deliberation and the official launching and formation of this non-political association, Jawie Warrior Association at Rokel Street in Freetown, took place.

The meeting commenced with a resolution that quickly ushered in Ibrahim Manso Turay as Interim Chairman, Mohamed Massaqoui as Auditor, whilst Vandy Mansaray was asked to carry the position of Treasurer and Financial Secretary. Augustine Samba was approved as Secretary General and Publicity Secretary. The motion was adopted for various positions for the interim executive. The deliberation was organized by one of the founding members, Ibrahim Jawara who doubles as Social Secretary.

In his opening statement, Chairman Manso noted that the interim team was temporary and will work on massive membership drive and elections. He recalled the history of Jawie Warriors in the mid 1980s and according to him the motive of the association during that period was to embark on sports and social activities.

He went on to inform that the course of the war ruined their agenda. He informed that this year they decided to officially establish Jawie Warriors’ Association as a development oriented native's association for every Jawie indigenes. He disclosed that many relatives and friends who are using social media have opted to re-establish the association to reunite and transform Jawie. He said they decided to convene a meeting in order to create a foundation for a formidable association. “This association is going to carry heavy task, devoid of political and other affiliation as well as monopoly. We want committed members,” he stressed.

Mohamed Massaquoi expressed sympathy for the death of some founding footballers and asked members to consider their relatives. He also informed that it will be prudent for the association to have other access of communication rather than social media especially for those who are currently resident in the chiefdom. Ibrahim Jawara informed that any resolution taking during the course of the deliberation will be accepted.

Financial Secretary, Vandy Mansaray noted that the executive must be robust enough to carry duties. “We must have strong executive to exercise duties,” he maintained. According to him, it was high time the association stood firmly and alleviate poverty, suffering and develop the chiefdom. “I am a workaholic. I like pushing and want to see that things are happening,” he boasted. He said it has come to a moment for strong men and women to stand up and galvanize supports for the people.

Ibrahim Jawara further cautioned members to beware of political manipulation and monopoly. He recalled how politicians hijacked the donation of food and non food items meant for to Daru flood victims few years ago.

Amendments on the constitution and, aims and mission statement were adopted. At least Le100,000 was adopted for registration of executive members and pledges were opened. Registration of the association and opening account as well as massive registration of people formed part of the deliberation.


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