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25th May 2018

National Petroleum Station, the Biggest in Sierra Leone, Opens in Freetown

By the Ranger (19/12/17)

The newly refurbish and popular National Petroleum Station at Kissy Road, the biggest in the country, has been officially opened in Freetown. 


The ceremony on Monday 11th December 2017 was graced by the National Petroleum (NP) General Manager, Kobe Walker and several distinguished persons including company officials, the press, a cross section of customers, residents in the community and staff of the outlet.

The Dealer of the NP station, Haja Fatmata Cole, a well known and hard working woman looked upon as the ‘Iron Lady’ was also in attendance displaying exuberance as she mingled with the crowd before the programme began.

In his short but concise statement, the General Manager of the NP Kobe Walker, expressed appreciation to all those present for gracing the occasion amidst their respective tight schedule. He paid homage to the crop of Sierra Leoneans who decided to come together and take over the company from the former owners with the vision of showcasing what Sierra Leoneans can do.

"People like the late Vincent Kanu, Babatunde Cole, Hafsatu Habib Bayoh and others," he stressed, "took the bull by the horn, and together they were able to take over the company and today they left a legacy which many Sierra Leoneans should be proud of, as NP now occupies an admirable space in the international scene."

He maintained that this station is the 35th Station that has been built nationwide and more stations are going to be built to serve the people. He called on all customers to support the Dealer, Haja Fatmata Cole in the running of the station. "The station is the biggest one in the country so far," he maintained.

Kobe Walker reminded the audience that the reason for the proliferation of Nigerian banks in the country is because of the support they get from their compatriots at home and called for similar support. He hoped for more Sierra Leoneans to take up the initiative and work to promote the country.

Madam Beatrice Sesay and others did the cutting of the tape to open the station to the public. The ceremony was climaxed with refreshments and sales commenced much to the delight of motorists in Freetown.


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