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25th May 2018

Ex-APC Minister and Presidential Candidate in Politically Motivated Arrest!

By a press release (14/12/17)

This arrest highlights the dark side of the ruling APC government. 'Be with us till thy kingdom come or you perish by running away. Tolongbo'!


Musa Tarawally, former Lands Minister and putative Presidential Candidate of brand new party, the Citizens Democratic Coalition (CDC) has been detained by the Sierra Leone Police at the Criminal Investigations Department for allegations that have to do with activities under his tenure as Lands Minister. (Photo: Musa Tarawally, left).


Tarawally was sacked as Lands Minister two years ago for alleged illegal activities for which President Ernest Koroma had promised an Enquiry.


It appears the enquiry was delayed until now that Tarawally has kick started a campaign to be the successor to President Koroma under the new breakaway CDC.


It is normally the case in Sierra Leone that such detentions skyrocket the popularity of the detained politician. This was how Charles Margai got an easy ride in 2005/2006 when the SLPP government detained him. Like Margai who was a top SLPP man who broke away to form the PMDC, the now detained Musa Tarawally was a top ruling APC man who held the top position of APC National Organising Secretary. Musa Tarawally has now deserted the APC to form the CDC.


Another school of thought holds that the APC has actually sent Musa Tarawally on a 'special operative' mission to help loosen the grip of the SLPP within the South Eastern axis of Sierra Leone. If that is the case, then the detention of Musa Tarawally could just be a well-scripted effort to build up sympathy for Tarawally in the South and East. Such will help to draw sympathy votes for Tarawally in those parts. Tarawally hails from Moyamba in the South and has sway also in the East.


Still other observers believe that Tarawally has upset APC chieftains with his recent show of strength amongst youths of Freetown who joyfully mobbed his vehicle in support of his candidacy. The APC is not comfortable with any attempt to sway youthful votes from its Freetown Western Area stronghold.


Hence they are marketing Hon. Chernor Bah, a youthful-looking 46 year old gentleman to be the next APC Vice President. Courtesy: Abdul Malik Bangura, Awareness Times.


As we go to press, the former Lands and Internal Affairs Minister Musa Tarawally was refused bail and was remanded in custody at the Police Criminal Investigations Department CID in Freetown, awaiting further probe.


Coming just days after he declared his intention to run for President, Tarawallie told BBC Umaru Fofana that the move was 'politically motivated.' The Criminal Investigations Department says it borders on a land transaction dating back to when he was minister. Superintendent Samuel Kargbo says the matter has been under investigation for 'a while', denying it has anything to do with his political intention.


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