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25th May 2018

Excellent Start as Samura Sparks and Thrills APC Support Base in the West!

By Sheriff M. Ismail (20/11/17)

People lined up the streets from Regent, up to Waterloo onto Newton, waving, singing and dancing in acclamation of Dr. Samura Kamara.


And as we proceeded, the crowds thickened - stone breakers, petty traders, drivers, motor mechanics, bike riders, old people, and kids - invariably people of all ages and classes, stopped whatever they were doing and practically erupted on to the streets of Freetown in electrifying spontaneity. (Photo: Dr. Samura Kamara is slowly luring more voters on his side).


As they came out in their large numbers, they gyrated to various versions of songs derived from what has now become the signature slogan of the All People’s Congress (APC) flagbearer. In the typical APC fashion, they asked and then they answered in political mockery of the unintelligible rhetoric the opposition had hoped to use as a jibe against the unassuming APC flagbearer. ‘You sabi am? Yeeees we sabi am! Na we next president! In the Queen’s language, it means ‘Do you know him? Yes, we know him! He is our next President!


Dr. Samura Kamara, Sierra Leone’s premier diplomat, in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Minister and International Cooperation, was slated to give the Keynote Address at the graduation ceremony of 300 (120 female) young Sierra Leoneans at the ‘Obasanjo Skills Acquisition and Transformation Centre’ in Newton. This was the fourth since the centre became fully operational in 2011; bringing the number of graduates to over 2,000.


Being the APC flagbearer for the March 7, 2018 elections, Dr. Samura Kamara could not be allowed to grace such a youth - centred occasion merely as the country’s foremost diplomat.


The APC sitting Member of Parliament, the Honourable Claude Kamanada, in collaboration with the APC Youth President and Minister of Youth Affairs, Honourable Bai Mahmoud Bangura, had therefore seized the moment and mobilised the party’s support base in the host constituency, as well as the other constituencies around it. 


And in their bright ‘Red and White’ colours, the residents of constituencies 106, (formerly Constituency 95) and its environs, poured out reassuringly to welcome the tall, good looking and charismatic APC flagbearer.


With his characteristic mechanical smile, Samura Kamara waved to his cheering supporters and as he did so, the crowd roared in endorsement of his candidature. If anyone had entertained any false hopes that there is disunity in the APC, and that the public is disenchanted with the ruling party, they would be broken hearted by the resounding solidarity and huge number of electorates who thronged the streets just to catch a glimpse of, and even jockey for a handshake with their new leader.


In 2012, this constituency gave more than 75 percent of its votes to the APC and their determination to retain the APC in governance was palpable in their enthusiasm. All the way from Waterloo to Newton, some 5 kilometres away, they ‘carnivalled’ with their presidential candidate! And they didn’t do it because they wanted to dance.


“We know what is good for us and for our country; Dr. Samura Kamara’s candidature is the best choice the APC has given us; he has the experience, the temperament and the international network to consolidate and build on the development gains we have made over the last 10 years,” one of the excited supporters boasted.


And he is right. Dr Samura Kamara is a thoroughbred professional who has put in more than 40 years in public service and at very senior levels in the economic and financial sector(s).  Analysts believe that, given his high profile and length of service both locally and in the international community, the APC presidential candidate is much more than just a politician; unarguably, he is the most knowledgeable of them all about Sierra Leone’s development milestones and challenges.


As Bai Mahmoud Bangura, the Minister of Youth Affairs put it: “Without doubt, Samura Kamara, who was today named Sierra Leone’s Youth Ambassador, understands Sierra Leone’s development issues: with his expertise and passion for the growth of young people; the country is assured of a president who is poised and qualified to take the nation to higher heights.


Courtesy: By Sheriff Mahmud Ismail


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