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25th May 2018

“APC Party Used, Misused and Trashed the APC Krios,” SLPP Fan Accuses!

By Pastor M. Sesay (20/11/17)

A startling attack on the ruling APC party by a supporter of the SLPP party accusing the APC of using, misusing and trashing APC Krios!


This is the politically motivated article pieced together by this plain preacher Pastor. (Photo: President Ernest Koroma romanced with the Krios). It reads: My late maternal grandma, Ballu Kargbo got married to my grandpa, Chief Imam Mohamed Lascaff Koroma and they lived at 44 Fourah Bay Road in the east end of the city of Freetown where my late mother, Zainab Jeneba Yeabu Yayo Lascaff Korona was born.


44 Fourah Bay Road is sandwiched by nos. 42 & 46 and at the back is no. 5 Elba Street. At 42 lived Aunty Aina Thomas at the upper floor of the two storey building with their relatives, the Roberts living on the lower floor. Mammy Laura lived at the back of the house. At no. 46 lived the Kamaras. At the back of no. 44 lived Mammy Yeama with her husband. He was conservative so as kids we never got to know his name. Growing up at no. 44 where I was also born, at a young age I began to form some conclusions as to who the Krios actually were and are up till today.


Aunty Aina was the extrovert type of person who never lost sleep on trivia. I could remember one day when a child from the neighborhood was reported to have urinated in front of her main gate. She curtly dismissed it: "I thought you said he is a child? To hell! I beg you, please leave the child to wee wee.' Saying it in that cockney style walking off!


No. 42 was always quiet with just hymns sang aloud. No. 46 was another thing with loud noises always heard coupled with violent fights. At the back, Mammy Yeama and her husband were there as if they were never there. From 42, very early in the mornings I used to see male kids rushing to school putting on their Albert Academy and Prince of Wales uniforms.


As I grew up I wanted to be like those kids and with determination I was to end up in the alma mater of one of them, the forward looking Prince of Wales School, Kingtom, which kind cannot be found in Sierra Leone despite far and wide searches, that sends forth truer gentlemen or stands on firmer ground.


There then came the conclusion of the Krios being pacesetters. When Mammy Yeama prevented us kids from picking her apples, we concluded that she was a bad person but that was to change when one day she stood over her fence and signalled to us: "Kids come and pick apples."


That was a sweet gesture as we crossed over and munched at the soft flesh of those red and white apples. Mammy Yeama never wanted her apples to be picked when they were still raw showing that the Krios were and are a principled people.


At the Prince of Wales I made friends with true Krios - Ian Palmer Davies, Rixby Beserve, Ekundayo Smith, Ebenezer Williams - with all of them exhibiting the same traits as those Krios that I knew in my young age when I rubbed shoulders with Aunty Aina's children.


I found also that the Krios were conservative in nature not bragging about anything and not showing off wealth. They stayed in their little corners doing their own thing never copycatting others. On the whole they love their respect.


In 1967 the Krios sided with the All Peoples Congress party on a matter of principle. They feared the monarchy that was raising its ugly head then when after Prime Minister Milton Margai died in highly suspicious circumstances, another Margai Albert just ascended the throne.


The 1996 and 2002 elections were held during and just after the war so the Krios, the typical conservatives never gave open support to any political party but from the overwhelming votes that SLPP got in the Western Area it was evident that the Krios did side with the SLPP then.


In 2007 the Krios were to give massive open support to the APC with this happening again on a matter of principle: The Krios, knowing the ills of a one party state of affairs under the undemocratic despotic regime of the APC, were scared that if SLPP were to go for another term then it will entrench itself and try to go for more and more years.


It was not like they were after posts but typical Krios do want their respect. It is this respect that APC has denied them. Now among the APC national executive there is only one Krio 'cipher' among all the APC 'decimals' called Cornelius Deveaux.


In fact for all you know Cornelius is not a Krio because where he supposedly came from at Waterloo there are many fake Krios parading around to bask on the respect the Krios have earned for themselves over the years.


The name Cornelius sounds Roman and he is not a Roman which means the name might have been created from a name like Kolleh. Fellow students at school might have been calling him Kollehnius so to probably become a Krio a thought came to corrupt the name to Cornelius. Or he might have been born Cornelay which is Mende for pardon. Cornelay could then easily have become Cornelius. As for the Deveaux it might also be a derivation from Deveneaux. Anyways let's leave it at that just in case Deveaux suddenly claims Rokulan as his hometown.



But Krios are not hard to identify. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden. Sweet even to pronounce! The true Krio blood, born and bred! Winston Ojukutu Macauley. No doubt, born and bred Krio. No contamination. Pure!


The Krios worked hard for this APC regime for the past ten years but all they got was a single empty spoon for all of them to feed from. And as they drowned in the sea of their sorrows, APC offered them straws to cling on. The Krios don't have enough rights in this country as they are technically not allowed to own land outside the city. APC never gave a thought to this throughout its ten years reign to put right a wrong against the Krios.


In these ten years APC systematically routed Krios from jobs which they are known for. Not to give the Krios any space, APC members like Samura Kamara followed the Krios into the only society of secrets which is exclusive to them, Freemasonry Lodge. This is to watch their every move.


The Krios were having their much cherished Krio Descendants Union but to divide and rule them and weaken their positions in society APC came up with Krio Community which has totally divided the Krios and left them weaker even to stand up for their rights.


If, God forbids, APC should come to power again, Krios will quickly become the forgotten tribe. APC has indeed succeeded in using and misusing the Krios and has finally dropped them in the trash cans as total irrelevances.


Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay


1958 -1980


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