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19th February 2018

Ombudsman Creates Better Working Relationships with Stakeholders in Bo

By a press release (18/11/17)

As part of the ongoing outreach to the districts, Day 9 of the Ombudsman Meet-the-People-Tour and Intake Clinic alighted in Bo.


The Ombudsman boss Melron Nicol-Wilson on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th November 2017 paid courtesy call on a number of stakeholders in Bo city in an effort to create a better working relationship between the stakeholders of Bo District and his office. (Photo: Ombudsman boss Nicol-Wilson taking oath at State House).


The Ombudsman said he is firstly visiting the stakeholders in the provinces to introduce himself to them as the new Ombudsman; secondly, to sensitise them about his mandate and how that relates to their own mandates; and thirdly, to build good working relationships that would make it easier for him to resolve complaints against their offices. 


To this end, the Ombudsman visited and held discussions with the Senior District Officer in Bo, Patrick A. Samba; the Provincial Secretary South, Thomas Lansana and staff of the Provincial Administration in Bo; the District Health Management Team and the Bo Government Hospital Management and nurses.


Reports say they also held talks with Paramount Chiefs of Kakowa and Njala Komboya Chiefdoms, Chief Prince L. Boima IV and Chief Ngoko Demby; the Regional Police Commander and the various police commanders in Bo; his worship the Mayor Harold L. Tucker and the administrative staff of the Bo City Council; and the Chairman of the Bo Distinct Council, Joseph M. Bindi.


The Ombudsman also met with the Resident Judge in Bo, Justice Momoh Jah Stevens in his chambers on Tuesday 14th November 2017. Later in the afternoon, the Ombudsman met with the Brigade Commander of the Fourth Infantry Brigade in Gondama on his way to Pujehun.


On the night before courtesy calls, the Ombudsman sensitised the general public about his mandate via KISS FM 104 and SLBC 96.5 in Bo.


The Ombudsman Meet-the-People-Tour continued in Bo on Tuesday 14th November, 2017 with a town hall meeting at the Bo District Council Hall on Sowa Road in Bo.


Courtesy: By Abdulai Senesie, Principal Public Relations Officer, Office of the Ombudsman, Sierra Leone


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