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25th June 2018

RUF Party, 3 Others Poise for another Coalition for 2018 General Elections!

By Thomas J. Dixon (14/11/17)

Political activity hits up as four political parties have decided to form a solid coalition in readiness for the 2018 elections in Sierra Leone.


The Political Parties Registration Commission Chairman, Justice Patrick O Hamilton has confirmed that the RUFP, PLP, PDP and CDP have submitted documents to the commission for a coalition. (Photo: RUF party leader Eldred Collins, right, a long time colleague of RUF rebel leader late Foday Sankoh).

"The Commission has received the documents but we are looking at it," the PPRC Chairman acknowledges. This is the first coalition of political parties in Sierra Leone, the other coalition dubbed itself coalition of progressives.

In the document submitted to the PPRC all four political parties highlighted that the main reasons why the rebel war took place in Sierra Leone from 1991 2002 are very prevalent today.

The RUFP and the PLP, the principal actors in the bloody war, are disappointed that vices like tribalism, regionalism, human rights violations, underdevelopment and blatant corruption in the country have flourished thanks to the two oldest political parties i.e. APC and SLPP.

"This is more of a reason why we the four parties are now coming together to form a coalition to rid off these vices in Sierra Leone," sources close to the four parties noted.

Reports say the four parties are calling on and encouraging other parties to join them as they will look for a credible Sierra Leonean to be their Leader.

The RUF party, led by Mr. Eldred Collins is an offspring of the infamous and bloody Revolutionary United Front rebel group that was led by the late Foday Sankoh.

As we go tp press, there are indications that many other smaller parties are thinking in this same direction.

Courtesy: By Thomas Josephus Dixon


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