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14th December 2018

Sierra Leone

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Finance Minister to Improve the Nation’s Economy in the 2018 Budget!

By a press release (16/11/17)

The 2018 Budget is ambitiously looking at domestic revenue mobilisation and expenditures for lifting Sierra Leone’s ailing economy.

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SLPP Wants Police Chief to Resign in Aftermath of Leema’s Detention!

By a press release (16/11/17)

Main opposition SLPP party has called for the resignation of the Inspection General of Police for injustices against party officials.

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Hugh Fines on those Caught Exposing HIV/AIDS Patients in Sierra Leone!

By Momoja N. Lappia (16/11/17)

The Sierra Leone government is working with stakeholders to impose a huge fine on anyone found exposing patients with HIV/AIDS.

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Ernest Koroma and 50 APC Officials Accused of Corruption by the SLPP Government!

By Abu Shaw in London (05/07/18)

The former Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma and 50 others of his APC government have been accused of rampant corruption.

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SLPP Flagbearer Election Postponed but Kenema Sept 15 Convention Starts!

By a press release (13/09/17

The SLPP election of National Officers goes on in Kenema starting September 15 but the flagbearer issue takes place after 21 days. 

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NEC Recounting Remaining 25% Over Voting Malpractices Nationwide!

By a press release (11/03/18)

The National Electoral Commission has started recounting the 25% fraud votes that opposition parties recently complained about.

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How Opposition SLPP, NGC, C4C & Others Punch the Ruling APC Nationwide! 

By a press release (13/03/18)

Updates in the elections results so far have revealed how the ruling and corrupt APC party lost vital seats to the SLPP, NGC and the C4C parties.

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RUF Party, 3 Others Poise for another Coalition for 2018 General Elections!

By Thomas J. Dixon (14/11/17)

Political activity hits up as four political parties have decided to form a solid coalition in readiness for the 2018 elections in Sierra Leone.

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Travel Ban on APC Officials Named in the SLPP Transition Team Corruption Report!

By Lawrence Williams (05/07/18)

The opposition APC was hit like a tornado when the SLPP government's Transition Report on corruption was made public yesterday.

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APC Party Urges SLPP to Apologise for the Dubious Transition Report on Corruption!

By a press release (06/07/18)

Angry APC party officials have called on the SLPP government to review, correct and apologise for the blatant mistakes in the Transition Report.

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1958 -1980


SLPP New Direction Must Do More to Fulfil the World Bank Governance Indicators!

By Ranger, Guest Editor (30/11/18)

The World Bank Governance Indicators define government effectiveness as the quality of public services and the degree of political independence etc.

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Sierra Leone Magistrates Get Tough on Women and 'Bombers': 'Ya Go Do'?

By Andrew Keili (30/11/18)

Sierra Leone, like many other countries is immersed in deep cultural discrimination against women by traditional customs and laws which must be overcome in order to achieve gender equality.

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