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20th April 2018


ECOWAS Pre-Election Fact Finder Arrives as EU Election Observers Jet in Sierra Leone

By Abu Shaw in London (11/02/18)

The recent APC government violence has ignited ECOWAS to send a pre-election fact finder as the March 7, 2018 general elections draw closer.   

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UAE Red Crescent Commits to Support First Lady Sia's Vaccination Drive

By a press release (17/02/18)

The Red Crescent UAE has noted its commitment to working with government and supporting the First Lady in vaccination and medical aid. 

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Urgent Calls for Ernest to Explain why Chinese are in APC Election Campaigns!

By Mahmud T. Kargbo (19/02/18)

One national political party seems ever willing to charade for corruption and gross inefficiency is the ruling All People's Congress (APC). 

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China Loans the APC Party for Mamammah International Airport in Koya!

By a press release (13/02/18)

The signing of the loan agreements for the construction of the Mamammah International Airport in Sierra Leone has been concluded.

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A Sierra Leone Lieutenant Finishes Coastline Security Courses in Britain

By a press release (21/10/17)

Lieutenant Raymond Hindowa of the Maritime Wing of Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces has successfully done a maritime course.

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United Nations will not Supervise Sierra Leone's 2018 Elections - NEC

By a press release (25/10/17)

"The 2018 elections will be conducted without the supervision of a UN Mission approved by the UN Security Council," NEC Chairman disclosed. 

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USA Embassy Cautions Citizens as APC, SLPP Parties Hold Rallies!!

By a press release (15/10/17)

"Should you find yourself in an area where a rally is occurring, you should leave the area as soon as possible," the US Embassy warns its citizens.

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Online Poll Puts NGC Leader Clear Winner of the 2018 Presidential Debate

By a press release (17/02/18)

Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, leader of the National Grand Coalition, unsurprisingly won Sierra Leone's Presidential Debate in Freetown. 

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A Sierra Leonean was the First African Student at Oxford University in UK!!

By Marcus Liddell (27/10/17)

Sierra Leone made history by being the first country from Africa to produce the first black student at the famous Oxford University in Britain.

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Exposition of APC's Communism Template for Sierra Leone Leaves Many Agape!

By Abu Shaw in London (13/02/18)

The present outrage in and outside Sierra Leone following the exposition of the APC party's communism template is difficult to comprehend.  

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German Billionaires and Global Investors Trust Yumkella's Presidency Only!

By a press release (17/02/18)

Two German billionaires, plus other business magnets, have promised to invest in Sierra Leone if the NGC leader wins the elections.

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Public Outcry as APC Attorney General and NATCOM Use $600,000 at UK Courts!

By a press release (23/02/18)

Public outcry is getting louder as Attorney General and NATCOM failed to explain why they allegedly spent US $600,000 dollars on legal fees.

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1958 -1980


Freedom is Here! Tyranny is Dead in Sierra Leone!!

By Elkass Sannoh (18/04/18)

We campaigned on a platform of CHANGE demanded for by majority of Sierra Leoneans.

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If you Think Life does not Offer People Second Chance, think Maada Bio!

By Alpha Zakir Naik (18/04/18)

President Julius Maada Bio left power under controversial circumstances and moved away to seek greener pastures.

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