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25th June 2018

Sierra Leoneans Welcome Malaysia's High Tech Brand University Education

By the Ranger (04/04/17) 

Sierra Leone has recently welcomed Malaysia's Limkokwing University that offers the first ever highly technological brand of education.

The media was on Tuesday March 14, 2017 invited to a first ever press briefing organised by the administration of Limkokwing University Worldwide, Sierra Leone. (Pictured: Dr. Minkailu Bah, Sierra Leone Education Minister).

Nthethe Kokome, the university’s Marketing and Public Relations Director called the meeting a special day for the university as it prepares to be officially opened by President Ernest Bai Koroma. This auspicious event took place on Friday March 17th, 2017.

In his welcome remarks, Mr. Bai Kabia, the Senior Administrator, said the presence of Limkokwing University in Sierra Leone was the result of a search by the Government and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to re-position education in a new direction. He said the quest was led by the Change Unit of the ministry led by Professor Dupigny. 

Mr. Kabia narrated how this unique education partnership was forged with the Ministry of Education leading to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to carry out this new educational venture. Limkokwing University he said is a new higher learning institution from Malaysia that offers that highly technological country’s brand of education. The Sierra Leone campus is the 166th to be established worldwide.

Mr. Kabia said that looking around the university’s Hill Station-IMATT campus, one sees a 21st century learning environment. The mission he said is to train not only students but also young professionals who will change the job market. They will be global candidates in the job market.

He stated that the university employs many Sierra Leoneans who are aided by colleagues from around the world to establish and translate the dream of the university’s new global agenda. At the end of their courses, students Mr. Kabia said must come away well equipped with market skills and knowledge.

His welcome speech was followed by a video presentation of Malaysia’s unique global learning pathway which the presenter described as a trailblasing new education of the future.

In her statement, Dr. Gil Pharn, the university’s Senior Vice President, said the university is very fortunate and honoured to receive the acceptance of His Excellency, President Koroma, to officiate the university’s official launching. She said the press briefing was a preview of what will happen at the campus on Friday starting at 10AM.

She disclosed that the ceremony will include a tour of the campus by the President who she said is passionate about youth empowerment. The tour will include exhibitions depicting the university’s work. Madam Pharn described Limkokwing as an unconventional university. One British academic writer she said described Limkokwing as the university that changes the rules. It is ranked among the top 300 Asian universities. 

She noted that it started 20 years ago with a novel curriculum that is industry related and filled in an industrial and professional learning gap that at the time was not available in Malaysia. 

Today, she said proudly, Limkokwing is ranked second on Facebook and among the 1st to 5th leading universities in the world by Tweeter. In Sierra Leone, Limkokwing has 1,062 students offering degree and certificate courses in various technological, industrial and professional disciplines. The university boasts of an e-library.

Questions posed by journalists were answered by Onalenna Phanbuka, director of academic management.


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