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18th March 2018

APC UK/I Comrades Jet to Sierra Leone Today to Prop Up APC in Port Loko

By a press release (21/03/17)

The APC UK/I Comrades, led by the vibrant Chairman Mustapha H Koroma, are heading to Sierra Leone to support the APC Port Loko branch.

Other Comrades in the delegation include the hardworking Legal Adviser Mr Hassan Kamara and other gallant APC UK&I branch members. They left for Freetown this morning from Heathrow Airport on board Brussels Airlines via Monrovia. They are scheduled to lend their comradeship to the National Youth League Conference in Port Loko. (Pictured: The APC UK/I eloquent Chair Mustapha Koroma, centre, with other top executives).

The team will also promote and educate Sierra Leoneans in Freetown and rural areas about the importance of Registration for the upcoming 2018 elections. 

Reports have confirmed that the Youth Minister Hon Bia Mahmoud and Commissioner Alhaji Dauda Musa Bangura and some members of the Youth Ministry have put modalities in place to receive the APC UK/I comrades. 

It has also been confirmed that 26 police officers and Freetown top securities will be at Lungi airports to receive the delegates. May Allah be with you all. 

APC UK/Ireland Urges Members to Register Now for the 2018 Elections

The APC UK/I directorate has urged all members of the APC to sort out their registration now to maintain the ruling APC party in governance.

Reports say the Directorate of International Affairs of the APC-UK and Ireland have advised all APC party members commonly called 'comrades' in the United Kingdom and Ireland to register for the 2018 elections which started on Monday, 20 March 2017.

That pursuant to Sections 57, 43 (2) and 103 of the Public Elections Act 2012, the President and National Electoral Commission after mutual consultations have declared the 7th March 2018 for Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Elections respectively in Sierra Leone.

That in accordance with Section 17 of the same, the National Electoral Commission has also announced the period between March 20th and April 16th, 2017 (7am-5pm daily) for registration of eligible voters in Sierra Leone. 

That anyone who fails to register within the stated registration period in Sierra Leone will not be eligible to vote, or be voted for, in the 2018 elections.

The Directorate therefore encourages all Comrades in the UK and the Diaspora in general to endeavour to register if possible, or urge their relatives and friends to register, in Sierra Leone in order to ensure the Party's victory in the 2018 polls and continuity in governance with its Agenda for Prosperity.  

Meanwhile, the APC general meeting that took place in London on Sunday March 19 was very successful.  


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