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17th January 2018

Hon. Ibrahim Bundu is Now a Member of the Bureau of the ACP-EU

By State House (30/12/15)

Sierra Leone has a new member in the African, Caribbean, and Pacific-European group in the person of Honourable Ibrahim Bundu.

The Sierra Leone Parliamentary Delegation to the ACP-EU attended the 40th Session of the African, Caribbean, and the Pacific Parliamentary Assembly (ACP-PA) earlier this month. (Pictured: Sierra Leone's Foreign Minister Dr Samura first left).

It also took part in the 30th Session of the African, Caribbean, and the Pacific-European Union Joint Parliamentary Assembly (ACP-EU JPA) in Brussels, Belgium.
The delegation consists of Hon. Ibrahim R. Bundu (Head of Delegation); Hon. Alpha B. Lewally (Member); Hon. Helen Kuyembeh (Member); and Mohamed Koroma (Secretary to Delegation).

The significance of those meetings was highlighted as follows: 1. PRESENTATION OF A REPORT TO THE JPA: - in a meeting organized by the Social Affairs and Environment Committee on the 19th March 2015, its membership unanimously appointed Hon. Ibrahim Bundu as co-rapporteur.

He also prepared and presented a draft report on: How to Improve Economic and Social Conditions in Developing Countries, Including the Contribution of Family Businesses in Order to Prevent Health Disasters. The draft report was considered by the Committee at its meetings of 13th June in Fiji; 24th-25th September; and finally 05th December, 2015 in Belgium.

On Wednesday 09th December, 2015, Hon. Bundu and his kind co-rapporteur, Arne Gericke (a German) presented the report to the JPA with 130 amendments. The JPA acclaimed the report as one of the best reports it has received in the recent past and congratulated the co-rapporteurs for their hard work and further reaffirmed their commitment to do follow up on the recommendations contained in the report.

ADOPTION TO THE BUREAU OF THE ACP-EU: - Head of Sierra Leone’s Delegation, Hon. Ibrahim Rassin Bundu has been unanimously nominated to the Bureau of the ACP-EU, following an announcement at the 39th Session of the ACP-PA, when its Secretariat informed Members of the West African Region to fill in vacancies including President of the ACP and Co-President of the JPA; and two Members to the Bureau in respect of the rotational policy of the Group.

Sierra Leone’s Delegation expressed interest for membership to the Bureau (executive arm of the ACP-EU) alongside other contenders from other West African Countries, especially the Francophone’s.


1958 -1980


How APC Caused the Spread of the Deadly Ebola Virus Disease!

By: Jacob Jusu Saffa, Guest Editor (10/01/18)
Fingers are now pointing directly at the corridors of the APC governement for the careless spreading of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone.

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Yumkella/Keili Ticket is a Match Made in Heaven! Period!!

By Dr. Barba M. Koroma (10/01/18)

The National Grand Coalition NGC party is already tickling the uneasy APC party thanks to the Yumkella/Keili ticket.

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