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25th June 2018

Steven Gbekie is Not an Informant for the Organiser Newspaper!!

By Special Correspondent (25/12/15)

Mr. Steven Gbekie has confirmed how people are calling him all around the world accusing him of giving information to this newspaper.

The Organiser publication wants to make it abundantly clear that Mr. Steven Gbekie has never divulged any information pertaining to the Alie Kabba campaign team to this newspaper. This ceaseless accusation by disgruntled Alie Kabba supporters against Mr. Steven Gbekie (pictured) is misleading and unfortunate.

Editor Abu Shaw is reiterating that this medium has more than enough information about Alie Kabba's clandestine vision for Sierra Leone and does not depend on anyone inside the UK/I campaign team for information.

What these rumour mongers have quickly forgotten is the fact that the Organiser CEO Mr. Abu Shaw was - as recent as a month ago - an active executive member of the Friends of Alie Kabba UK/I campaign team for the past one year. It beggars belief that these fabricators think Mr. Abu Shaw is so daft and not clever enough to know or understand all these vital information associated with Alie Kabba and his campaign team.

Editor Abu Shaw is clearly conversant with every little vital information in this team and is only releasing some of them now because of Alie Kabba's clear plan to tarnish the good image of this newspaper. Editor Shaw initially wanted to de-escalate his resignation by keeping a low profile for the good of everyone. But when Alie Kabba started escalating it by publishing the business proposal on social media, a business proposal that he himself requested persistently, then Abu Shaw came to the conclusion that he has to defend his own reputation 24/7. That was how all hell broke loose. 

Now some Alie Kabba diehards and rumour mongers have continued their disrespect for Editor Abu Shaw by fabricating more lies against an innocent person like Mr. Steven Gbekie.

Even after Editor Abu Shaw resigned on December 5, 2015, he spoke with many other Friends of Alie Kabba UK/I executive members who equally expressed their disappointment at their leader's dictatorship tendencies. Name calling is not part of Abu Shaw's journalistic ethics. And it is going to remain so. 
That is why the Organiser newspaper is calling on all those Alie Kabba sympathisers to desist from stigmatising the good name of Mr. Steven Gbekie. Using him as scapegoat for Alie Kabba's political ineptitude is wrong and counterproductive. Mr. Steven Gbekie is a man of honour and integrity. He has neither given Abu Shaw any information nor is he an agent of this newspaper. FULL STOP!! The earlier those spreading this false accusation apologise to Mr. Steven Gbekie, the better.

Let it be known that Mr. Steven Gbekie, after his resignation as Chairman of the Alie Kabba UK/I team on December 5, has had no intention to speak to Dr. Sylvia Blyden as was falsely circulated in the social media. Nor does Dr. Sylvia Blyden have anything in her diary to interview Mr. Steven Gbekie on this issue. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

The Organiser newspaper will continue to publish and refute any form of misunderstanding in the future. Thank you for your custom.



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