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21st January 2019

Rokel Commercial Bank Continues to Conquer Local and International Awards!

By a press release (18/01/19)

2018 ended with brighter prospects and better recognition for one of Sierra Leone’s premier indigenous banks in Rokel Commercial Bank. 

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Australia Institute Ends Community Leadership Course in Makeni and Kambia

By a press release (06/01/19)

The Australian International Community Leadership Institute (AICLI) has ended its Community Leadership training in Sierra Leone.

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Sierra Leone: Marie Stopes Launches New ‘Back-Up’ Family Planning Product!

By a press release (15/12/18) 

Marie Stopes Sierra Leone's newest product, ‘Back-Up’, is an emergency contraceptive that stops pregnancy within 72 hours after unprotected sex.

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Labour Leader Corbyn Tables No-Confidence Motion after May's Defeat Yesterday!

By a press release (16/01/19)

Prime minister’s EU withdrawal plan is rejected by 432 votes to 202. Theresa May loses Brexit deal vote by majority of 230. Did your MP vote?

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Is the Public Falling Out of Love with Meghan Markle over Rumours of Tantrums?

By a press release (28/12/18)

Negative stories keep coming but Sky's Royal Correspondent says she doesn't believe Meghan Markle is really a Duchess in distress.

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"Photo with President Trump and Melanie was Not a Photoshop," Maada Stressed

By a press release (15/12/18) 

Julius Maada Bio has confirmed that his picture with President Trump and Melanie that became a national debate was not a Photoshop.

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Trump 'Slams Table' and Walks Out  as Democrats Say 'No' to Funding Border Wall!

By a press release (10/01/19)

Acrimony rules after White House meet between president and congressional leaders, leaving little prospect of end to govt shutdown. 

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A Zimbabwe Football Referee, Outed as Gay, has been Granted Asylum in Britain

By a press release (25/12/18)

Zimbabwe football referee Raymond Mashamba, being in the UK since May 2018, has now been granted asylum in the United Kingdom.

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Prime Minister May Confirms She Wont Lead the Tories into the 2022 Elections!

By a press release (14/12/18)

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised she will not lead the Conservative Party into the next general election come 2022.

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Scientific Study Finds that Smelling your Partner’s Farts Makes you Live Longer!

By a press release (08/01/19)

You know that you’ve reached a level of intimacy with someone when you can fart in front of them and they no longer get majorly pissed off about it.

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APC Party's National and Global Dream Impacted by a Forceful Global Rapid Hunt!

By Allieu B. Kamara (16/12/18) 

The Global Rapid Hunt Unit is a formidable force to reckon with when it comes to political activities in favour of the All Peoples Congress (APC).

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Mayor of Kenema City Council Receives Vital Focus Magazine from a Diaspora Member

By a press release (08/12/18)

Kenema City Council Mayor Thomas Mbayoh has recently received a member of the Diaspora Focus Magazine in his Kenema office.

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TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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Mabang Ferry Accident Should be an Eye Opener for Health and Safety in Sierra Leone!

By Alpha Ben Mansaray, Guest Editor (14/01/19)

I am still grieving with pain. Tears flooded my eyes when I arrived at 5pm at Mabang where the fatal Ferry accident took place on 14 December 2018.

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How Paopa Will End! Bio is Likened to Disgraced Albert Margai's SLPP Tribalism in Mid 60s!!

By Mahmud T Kargbo (14/01/19)

President Julius Maada Bio will end like Albert Margai whose tribalism testimony in 1965 that subsequently swept him off in to political disgrace.

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