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18th March 2018

Sierra Leone

"Yumkella can Strike APC where it Hurts Most, the North," Genius Predicts

By Jimmy D. Kandeh (23/09/17)

In 'Yumkella's Cross-Cutting Appeal and the 2018 Elections', the genius Dr. Jimmy Kandeh outlines why APC should be afraid of KKY.

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Police Complaints Board Presents the 2016 Annual Report to President Koroma

By a press release (27/09/17)

The Independent Police Complaints Board (IPCB) has presented its Inaugural Report for 2016 to President Ernest Bai Koroma at State House.

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Religious Tolerance Cools the Pastor's Idiotic Storm as Sanity Returns!

By Abu Shaw in London (29/09/17)

A catastrophic religious tornado by the idiotic Nigerian Pastor has been averted as peaceful Sierra Leoneans call for law and order instead.

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"NGC will Deliver Opportunities for All," Mrs Yumkella Tells Kailahun Residents

By a press release (22/01/18)

Mrs. Philomena Yumkella has assured inhabitants of Kailahun District east of Sierra Leone that the NGC will deliver opportunities for all.  

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Over 50 Years of APC Stalwart and Bedrock of the Party Laid to Rest in Freetown

By a press release (24/01/18)

Professor Solomon Pratt has been laid to rest in Freetown. Without his academic and financial support, the APC party would be non-existent!

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Cannibals Butcher 2 Children in Freetown as Residents Blame APC & SLPP Parties!

Special Correspondent (26/01/18)

Disturbing and horrible reports say cannibals have struck devilishly in Calaba Town near Freetown where two children have lost their lives. 

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Magistrate Orders the Arrest of ADP Party Leader for Unlawful Arms Possession! 

By a press release (22/01/18)

Bench warrant for the presidential candidate of the Alliance Democratic Party ADP has been ordered by the Magistrate in Kailahun District.

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Positive Fullahs Endorse NGC Leader as Misused APC, SLPP Fullahs Spit Fire!

By Abu Shaw in London (24/01/18)

The Fulbeh Union for Progressive Sierra Leone (FUP-SL) has endorsed the candidacy of the National Grand Coalition NGC party leader.

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Security Confiscates Stolen Free Health Care Products in Sierra Leone!

By a press release (28/01/18)

A joint team has apprehended a consignment of pharmaceutical products meant for the Free Health Care programme in Sierra Leone.

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Kallah and Hadijatu are two Ladies with Substance Worth Emulating 

By Ranger (25/09/17)

President Ernest Bai Koroma will be remembered for promoting women to positions of trust to showcase their inputs nationally and globally

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APC Moves to Plan-B as NEC Rejects APC's Petition Against the NGC Leader!

By Abu Shaw in London (26/01/18)

The cocky ruling APC government has moved to Plan-B as the National Electoral Commission rejected its petition against the NGC leader.

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Two Legal Minds Warn APC to Stop its Miscalculated Petition on the NGC Leader! 

By a press release (28/01/18)

Two prominent legal minds have described the APC petition on Yumkella as a total miscalculation with far reaching ramifications.

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1958 -1980


Peace at Risk as Politics Becomes Means of Amassing Unexplained Wealth!

By Mahmud T. Kargbo (11/03/18)
It is always easier for our politicians to talk about virtues in the abstract or when it relates to others in distant climes.

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APC Does Not Want International Community to Determine its Democracy!

By Sheka Tarawalie (11/03/18)
The author, an official of the APC government, said they do not want the global community to be sole determiners of Sierra Leone democracy.

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