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20th January 2018

Sierra Leone

First Lady, Alpha Khan Running? JFK Declares with Diana as Running Mate?

By Momodu Jalloh (23/09/17)

The APC party flag bearer contest is getting hotter as more politicians throw their hats in the ring to succeed President Ernest Bai Koroma.

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Religious Tolerance Cools the Pastor's Idiotic Storm as Sanity Returns!

By Abu Shaw in London (29/09/17)

A catastrophic religious tornado by the idiotic Nigerian Pastor has been averted as peaceful Sierra Leoneans call for law and order instead.

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Pastor's Remorseful 'Sorry' Video for Vile Anti-Islamic Sermon Appeases!

By Abu Shaw in London (03/10/17)

The under fire Nigerian Pastor's video apology for his vile sermon against Islam is ticked as remorseful and will surely appease all stakeholders.

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"Yumkella can Strike APC where it Hurts Most, the North," Genius Predicts

By Jimmy D. Kandeh (23/09/17)

In 'Yumkella's Cross-Cutting Appeal and the 2018 Elections', the genius Dr. Jimmy Kandeh outlines why APC should be afraid of KKY.

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"Muslims, Take it as an Isolated Case and Show Restraint," CIG Appeals

By a press release (01/10/17)

The Christians In Governance (CIG) has appealed to Muslims to show restraints and consider it an Isolated case after the Pastor's vile attack.

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APC Consultation No 2 as President Koroma Romances Flag bearers

By a press release (03/10/17)

In the second APC consultative meeting, President Ernest Koroma romances with flag bearer aspirants and advised them to put unity first.  

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Kallah and Hadijatu are two Ladies with Substance Worth Emulating 

By Ranger (25/09/17)

President Ernest Bai Koroma will be remembered for promoting women to positions of trust to showcase their inputs nationally and globally

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SLPP: Maada's Magic Touch is Alive as Alpha Timbo, Others Join Paopa!

By a press release (01/10/17)

The SLPP front runner Juslius Maada Bio is unquestionably the 'toughest' opposition politician as two SLPP flag bearer aspirants joined Paopa! 

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NASSIT Donates Essential Items to Blind Schools in Sierra Leone

By Philip Koroma (05/10/17)

Smiles seen everywhere when the Blind Schools in the country received humanitarian gesture from NASSIT which was emotionally appreciated.  

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Police Complaints Board Presents the 2016 Annual Report to President Koroma

By a press release (27/09/17)

The Independent Police Complaints Board (IPCB) has presented its Inaugural Report for 2016 to President Ernest Bai Koroma at State House.

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Sierra Leone Making Indelible Imprint on the Global Tourism Stage

By a press release (03/10/17)

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recently rated Sierra Leone as one of the fastest growing tourist destinations.

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"The Correct Voter Registration Data out in December," NEC Promises Govt.

By a press release (05/10/17)

The National Electoral Commission NEC chairman has promised Sierra Leone that the correct voters registration data is out in December. 

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1958 -1980


How APC Caused the Spread of the Deadly Ebola Virus Disease!

By: Jacob Jusu Saffa, Guest Editor (10/01/18)
Fingers are now pointing directly at the corridors of the APC governement for the careless spreading of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone.

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Yumkella/Keili Ticket is a Match Made in Heaven! Period!!

By Dr. Barba M. Koroma (10/01/18)

The National Grand Coalition NGC party is already tickling the uneasy APC party thanks to the Yumkella/Keili ticket.

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