24th July 2017

Sierra Leone

Ex-PMDC Med-Gem Intends to Aspire for MP for Portee Under the APC Party

By the Ranger (09/07/17)

A prominent resident of Portee in the East End of Freetown, precisely within Constituency 99, plans to run for parliament under the APC.

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APC Elders Urged to Pay Attention Now after the Bye Elections Humiliation!

By a press release (09/07/17)

“Elders of APC must pay attention. Level of disrespect for the people's choice will land us into embarrassing 2018 elections,” members warn.

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Police Whisks Alie Kabba to Pademba Prison as Magistrate Refused Bail

By Abu Shaw in London (31/12/15)

Breaking News from Sierra Leone has confirmed that the SLPP candidate Alie Kabba is spending New Year in Jail.

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Auditor General's Report Cited the Ebola Trauma in Sierra Leone

By a Press Release (30/12/15)

Welcome to my 2014 Annual Report. It has not been the best of years for our nation because of the deadly Ebola outbreak.

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Parliament Oversees the Right to Access Information Commission Act

By Siraju Bah (13/08/16)

One of the mandates of the Parliament of Sierra Leone is to provide access to information on the activities of government institutions.

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Anti-Corruption Storms Kenema City Council as Fraud Spreads!!

By Fayia Amara Fayia (13/08/16)

Corrupt practices in some government ministries have occupied the services of the Anti Corruption Commission ACC with glowing results.

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APC Takes Full Ownership of Comrade Fadika's Civic Funeral

State House Release (11/08/16)

The ruling APC government has taken full ownership of the civic funeral of Comrade Moseray Fadika who died last Sunday in London.

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Alie Kabba Appears in Freetown Court Today to Face 3 Count Charges

By Samuel FLY Gandi (31/12/15)

The long awaited court trial involving disgraced SLPP Flag-bearer Alie Kabba has finally started today in Freetown Court 2.

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Kalokoh Movement is a Blessing for APC Party and Sierra Leone!

By Dr. Yahya Kaloko (11/07/17)

The APC and Sierra Leone really need the Kalokoh Movement considering his humanitarian gestures for compatriots in America. 

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SLPP Drags the National Electoral Commission in to a Mess!!

By N'Bompa (27/01/17)

Main opposition SLPP party has dragged Sierra Leone's National Electoral Commission in to violating the country's judiciary proceedings.

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Deputy Communications Minister Hosts FBC Media Students

By Media Affairs (13/08/16)

"The appropriate formal media training is the main yard stick by which the ethics of journalism can be met," the Deputy Minister said.

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Alie Kabba Appears in Court Again Today to Face Bigamy Charge

By Samuel FLY Gandi (04/01/16)

The disgraced SLPP flag-bearer Alie Kabba will be brought to court today for the second time to answer to perjury and bigamy charges.

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1958 -1980


APC Must Drop Complacency to Win the 2018 Elections!

By Guest Editor (09/07/17)

Complacency, party affiliations and overconfidence are the causes why the APC lost the bye elections at Kechun in Kambia.

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Civil Servants Caring for Parties than Country Have No Place in Sierra Leone!!

By N'Bompa Turay (09/07/17)

In Sierra Leone, many civil servants, who are supposed to be above politics by serving any government honestly, are sadly doing otherwise!! Shame on them.

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