18th November 2017

Sierra Leone

Njala University Complains of Overcrowding this Academic Year!!!

By PR Office Njala (24/03/16)

University education in Sierra Leone is not rosy today as expected and Njala University College is no exception to this unimpressive rule.

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Deputy Internal Affairs Minister at Loggerheads with Police in Kenema

By Philip Koroma (12/04/17)

The recent murder of one Kenema resident has spilled bad blood between the police in Kenema and the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister.

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Njala Police Arrests Suspect for the Murder of Journalist Henry Buckle

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay (27/03/16)

The latest arrest of this suspect who was on the run since the death of the Sierra Leone journalist last year is a twist in the murder trial.

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Are the SLPP Law Makers in Disarray Even in the House of Parliament?

Asks N'Bompa Turay (12/04/17) 

It's appalling to realise why some Members of Parliament of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party continue to show disunity even in parliament.

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Cornelius Deveaux 'Baba Ogun' Cabinet Nomination is the Very Popular

By APC Ose Pikin (27/03/16)

The cabinet appointment of Mr. Cornelius Deveaux aka Baba Ogun is one of the most popular nominations made by President Ernest Koroma.

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NEC Extends Voters Registration Period...But SLPP Party is Unhappy

By a press release (14/04/17)

The National Electoral Commission has issued a press release extending the date of voters registration for another two weeks period.

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The Rise and Fall of Fly Salone: The Betrayal of a Nation’s Pride!

By Mustapha Wai (27/03/16)

For an airline that was launched just over three months ago amid the pomp and pageantry that followed, it's sudden fall is a real eyesore.

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Information Minister Blasts Media Outlets that Paints the APC Government Bad

By Press Release (03/11/16) 

Minister of Information and Communications Mohamed Bangura has blasted media houses that continuous to distort accurate news.

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Bonga Town Flood Residents Hail Fadika Family for their Empathy

By a press release (09/09/17

Empathy obviously runs deep in the veins of the Fadika family as recently exhibited by Lansana Fadika to flooding victims in Bonga Town.

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Minister Pat Sowe Helps APC Wins Ward 112 and 337 Bye Elections

By Editayo G. Temple (03/11/16)

Kudos to Comrade/Captain, Alieu M. Pat Sowe, the Western Area Regional Chairman plays major role for this massive APC bye elections win.

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National Advisory Council Decision for APC Flag-bearer is Always Correct 

By a press release (12/04/17)

APC stalwart has advised all members to respect the upcoming National Advisory Council final decision on the flag-bearer post.

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Government Minister Reveals Why the Doomed Fly Salone Failed

By PM Journalists (30/03/16)

The APC government has finally set the records straight by explaining the circumstances that led to the sudden demise of the doomed Fly Salone.

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1958 -1980


Who Erects the Bankasoka Hydro in Port Loko, APC or KKY?

By a Guest Editor (16/11/17)

Both the ruling APC and the KKY Movement are claiming responsibility of Bankasoka! Who is saying the truth? Sierra Leoneans want to know!

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Manifest Anti-Corruption to Win the March 7, 2018 Polls!

By Abu Shaw in London (16/11/17)

Corruption is very endemic in Sierra Leone's political history! Regretably, my APC party and the main opposition SLPP party are guilty of rife corruption!!

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