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21st January 2019

"March 2018 Election was Rigged and Manipulated," Ernest Koroma Opens Up!

By a press release (24/12/18)

Breaking his silence recently, the former President Ernest Bai Koroma has disclosed that the March 2018 election was rigged and manipulated.

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Parliament Approves New Chief Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards and 2 Others

By a press release (22/12/18)  

The Sierra Leone parliament has approved the New Chief Justice of Sierra Leone Desmond Babatunde Edwards and two others in Freetown. 

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Justice Minister Promises Harsher Sentences for Rapists in Sierra Leone!

By a press release (12/12/18)  

Sierra Leone's Attorney General and Justice Minister Priscilla Schwartz has promised to pounce very hard on rapists in the country hence forth.

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Tis a Season of Goodwill: Move Over Scrooge, Merry Xmas and a Better 2019!

By Andrew Keili (24/12/18)

Let us all enjoy our Christmas in our different ways and reflect on the coming of the "Prince of peace" as we hope for a much better 2019.

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Female Human Rights Fighter May Spend Christmas in Jail Thanks to the SLPP!

By Sayoh Kamara (22/12/18)

There are indications that ex-Director of FIBank will spend Christmas in detention in Freetown for simply fighting for her own human rights.

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Brewery Floods Market as the 2018 Christmas Season Grips Sierra Leone!

By Ranger (10/12/18)

The Sierra Leone Brewery has flooded the market with Star Beer, Guinness Stout, Mutziq and Maltina to lift the festive mood nationwide.

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Sierra Leone: Director of Notorious Pademba Road Prisons to Retire in 3 Months' Time!

By Jon Holmes (23/12/18)

Latest reports have noted that the the Director of Prisons for the notorious Pademba Road Prisons in Freetown is to retire within three months.

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Maada Bio's Baffling Dubbing of VP Juldeh Jalloh as Sierra Express Ghost Editor!

By Ranger (14/12/18)

The Sierra Express Media newspaper has had many unfriendly words to say about President Julius Maada Bio long before he became head of state.

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APC Party's Threat to President Bio and Nation Concerns the Ruling SLPP Govt!

By a press release (10/12/18)  

The SLPP government is appalled about a video from an APC official showing when and how the APC hopes to get rid of President Bio.

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President Bio's Cousin, Accused of Raping 12 Year Old, Appointed Director! 

By a press release (23/12/18)

Wonders never end under the SLPP govt! A cousin of the President, accused of raping a 12-year-old, has just been given a Director job!!

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New Ombudsman Promises to Probe all Complaints Without Fear and Favour! 

By a press release (14/12/18)  

The New Ombudsman is determined to ensure that every complaint brought to his office is investigated thoroughly and without fear or favour. 

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Doctors and Nurses Strike Action Puts the Poor in Difficult Situation Nationwide!

By a press release (10/12/18)  

Doctors and nurses in Sierra Leone hospitals are on strike against low wages and poor working conditions putting lives of the poor at risk.

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TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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Mabang Ferry Accident Should be an Eye Opener for Health and Safety in Sierra Leone!

By Alpha Ben Mansaray, Guest Editor (14/01/19)

I am still grieving with pain. Tears flooded my eyes when I arrived at 5pm at Mabang where the fatal Ferry accident took place on 14 December 2018.

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How Paopa Will End! Bio is Likened to Disgraced Albert Margai's SLPP Tribalism in Mid 60s!!

By Mahmud T Kargbo (14/01/19)

President Julius Maada Bio will end like Albert Margai whose tribalism testimony in 1965 that subsequently swept him off in to political disgrace.

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