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21st January 2019

SLPP's Obsession in Detaining Educated Ladies in New Year! A Dangerous Pattern!!

By a press release (01/01/19)

A dangerous pattern is compulsively emerging after the obsessive arrests and detention of educated and prominent women in Sierra Leone.

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100 Health Workers Graduate as Infection Prevention and Control Course Ends

By a press release (30/12/18) 

One hundred Health Care professionals have graduated after undergoing 'Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)' training course in Bo. 

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4 Charities Distribute Rice to 4,000 Destitute on Christmas Eve in Sierra Leone!

By a press release (27/12/18)

Four charities have put smile on the faces of destitute after they dished out rice to 4000 poverty-stricken Sierra Leoneans on Christmas Eve.

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Finance Ministry's Late Benefit Payments Causes Pavi Fort Staff to Down their Tools! 

By Ranger (31/12/18)

The SLPP government has been blamed for the Pavi Fort staff strike because the Finance Ministry failed to make payments to the firm on time.

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SLPP Govt Arrests Ex-APC Defence Minister for Ebola Funds! But APC Says 'Enough'

By Abu Shaw in London (29/12/18)

The ruling SLPP govt has been told by the APC 'Enough is Enough' after the arrest of the former Defence Minister by the Anti-Corruption.

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Principal Wundah Welcomes Guests to 'Post War Sierra Leone Book' Launch

By a press release (27/12/18)

The Institute of Advanced Management and Technology Students Union has hosted the launch of a 'Post War Sierra Leone Book'.

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Campaign for Good Governance Ups Anti-Corruption for Getting Back Stolen Funds!

By a press release (31/12/18)

The Anti-Corruption Commission’s strides to recover misappropriated funds have been applauded by the Campaign for Good Governance.

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"Only 20.2% has Internet in Sierra Leone," NATCOM Director Madina Says

By Alim Jalloh (29/12/18)

The new Director of NATCOM Board of Directors has disclosed that only 20.2% of the population has access to internet in Sierra Leone.  

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Mother and 6 Others Arrested for Death of 10 Year Old Girl after FGM in Magburaka!

By Claudius Beckley (26/12/18)

Evil mother, six others have been apprehended after the death of ten year old girl during a disastrous female circumcision in Magburaka.

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"Monies Recovered would be Used for a Medical Diagnostic Centre," Maada Says

By a press release (30/12/18)

The ruling SLPP government's coffers have been boosted after the Anti-Corruption Commission presented a whooping Le 7.5 billion cheque.

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Fear of SLPP Made Ex-Military Presidential Guard Afraid to Attend his Mother's Funeral!

By a press release (28/12/18)

The former APC government presidential guard was afraid to attend his mother's funeral due to the fear spread by the SLPP government!

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The Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Indicts Two Top Former NASSIT Officials for Fraud!

By a press release (25/12/18)

The Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption has indicted two top former officials of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT).

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TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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Mabang Ferry Accident Should be an Eye Opener for Health and Safety in Sierra Leone!

By Alpha Ben Mansaray, Guest Editor (14/01/19)

I am still grieving with pain. Tears flooded my eyes when I arrived at 5pm at Mabang where the fatal Ferry accident took place on 14 December 2018.

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How Paopa Will End! Bio is Likened to Disgraced Albert Margai's SLPP Tribalism in Mid 60s!!

By Mahmud T Kargbo (14/01/19)

President Julius Maada Bio will end like Albert Margai whose tribalism testimony in 1965 that subsequently swept him off in to political disgrace.

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