26th May 2017

Sierra Leone

Chief Assaults Businessman for Disputed Plot of Land in Kenema

By Philip Koroma (23/01/17)

Land grabbing in Kenema is a serious problem and the recent assault on a popular businessman for a plot of land is indicative of this.

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President Ernest Koroma Honours 199 Ebola Warriors in Sierra Leone

By State House Media (27/12/15)

It was historic when the Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma gave fitting honours to those who fought  Ebola successfully.

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Diana Exposes Alie Kabba on Why & When he Joined the SLPP!!

By Abu Shaw in London (30/12/15)

A startling revelation has confirmed that Bigamy suspect Mr. Alie Kabba has some ulterior motives for joining the SLPP party.

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Parliament Ratifies Two $30M Agreements on Poverty Reduction

By Parliament PR (27/12/15)

The recent ratification of two financial agreements to reduce poverty in Sierra Leone is good news for all well meaning Sierra Leoneans.

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Munafa Cocoa Farmers' Annual Meet in Kenema to Promote Farming

By Philip Koroma (10/08/16)

The Munafa Cocoa Farmers Cooperative (MCFA) held its 4th Annual General Meeting at Tissoh near Kenema to help farmers' inputs.

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Vice President Foh Refers to Late Fadika as a Foot-Soldier for the APC

By Julius B. Kamara (11/08/16)

Vice President Victor Foh glowingly described the late Ambassador Gibril Moseray Santigie Fadika as a foot-soldier for the APC Party.

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Tourism Ministry & Others Clean Up Seaweeds at Lumley Beach

By Press Release (10/08/16)

The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the National Tourist Board have embarked on cleaning the Seaweed endemic at Lumley Beach.

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APC Party: Only 2 Politicians will Qualify for the Flag-bearer Post!!!

By Press Release (25/01/17)

The leadership tussle in the ruling APC party will soon come to an end as only two of the many aspirants will meet the 15-year threshold.

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Mysterious Missing and Resurfacing of a Journalist in Sierra Leone!!

By Aruna Turay (27/01/17)

Is the mysterious missing and resurfacing of a colleague journalist a kidnapping, cultism or hoax? Sierra Leoneans want urgent answers now.

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Minister Blyden's National Fight Against Gender Based Violence

By N'bompa (25/01/17)

The revitalisation of the gender sector of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs is a top priority for the minister.

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Minister Frank Kargbo Sacked and Replaced by Anti-Corruption Boss

By Abu Shaw in London (28/12/15)

President Ernest Koroma's reshuffle axe has fallen on many prominent names; for some it's New Year comes early.

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Auditor General's Report Cited the Ebola Trauma in Sierra Leone

By a Press Release (30/12/15)

Welcome to my 2014 Annual Report. It has not been the best of years for our nation because of the deadly Ebola outbreak.

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1958 -1980


Is the NEC Boss Competent to Hold the 2018 Elections?

Asks Editayo G. Temple (12/05/17)

This is the burning question on the lips of many Sierra Leoneans as we prepare for the March 7 general elections next year.

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Save Sierra Leone Democracy from Destruction Post Ernest

By Mahmud T. Kargbo (12/05/17)

The identification of faults in any area can often lead to the discovery that an individual or an institution is acting improperly contrary to law.

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