27th May 2017

Sierra Leone

SLPP Journalist Calls for Code of Conduct for Cabinet Ministers

By Sorie Fofana (08/09/16)

Opposition SLPP journalist Sorie Fofana has called on the APC government to introduce a Code of Conduct for Cabinet Ministers.

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Plans to Stop Maada Bio Exposed...Is SLPP at War to Sack Maada?


It is reliably learnt from competent SLPP sources of a grand plan to prevent Julius Maada Bio from running as flag-bearer come 2018.

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Fire Victims Debunk SLPP Andrew Keili's Newspaper Reports on Sylvia

By Press Release (23/02/17)

Five fire victims have described reports about Dr. Sylvia Blyden in a newspaper owned by SLPP party flag-bearer aspirant as 'trash'.

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Brewery Production Equipment Alight at Water Quay in Freetown

By the Ranger (21/02/17)

New equipment to augment the production of the Sierra Leone Brewery have recently arrived at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay in Freetown.  

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Lebanese Members Donate Food Items to Struggling Blind School!

By Sheila Reffell (21/02/17)

The Sierra Leone Lebanese Community has continued its good gestures by donating essential food items to a struggling Blind School in Freetown. 

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MP Says Principals Should Run Private Schools Freely in Sierra Leone

By Parliament PR (10/02/16)

A Sierra Leone parliamentarian has advised private school proprietors to allow principals to freely administer the schools in the country.

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Former VP Joe Demby Complains SLPP Party to the PPR Commission


The SLPP opposition party has been in the spot light again thanks to former Vice President Joe Demby's recent complaint to the PPRC.

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Public Urged to Always Think Ebola and Must Call 117 Emergency


The public must report all suspicious illnesses and deaths and must adhere to safe hand hygiene practices and seek early treatment.

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Updates on SLPP Flag-bearer Jonathan Tengbe's Stay in Sierra Leone

Press Release (10/02/16)

Dr. Jonathan Tengbe was among the political heavyweights who attended the just ended meeting at the SLPP Headquarters in Freetown.

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LAWYERS Formed to Serve Society by Protecting Women and Girls

By Ahmed S. Nasralla (21/02/17)

Sierra Leone female lawyers formed L.A.W.Y.E.R.S as women and girls suffered the brunt of war. Many abducted and raped systematically!!

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Speaker of Parliament Debunks Two Newspapers' CDF False Reports

By Sheku Lamin Turay (10/09/16)

Contrary to reports in the Trumpet and Independent Observer newspapers, the Speaker of Parliament has set the records straight.

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Why are you Reading this Article? This Must be Read Only by the APC!

By Oswald Hanciles (25/02/17)

Why are you reading this article, and you are not a member of the APC? Okay, APC members, read, and let’s start a dialogue here.

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1958 -1980


Is the NEC Boss Competent to Hold the 2018 Elections?

Asks Editayo G. Temple (12/05/17)

This is the burning question on the lips of many Sierra Leoneans as we prepare for the March 7 general elections next year.

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Save Sierra Leone Democracy from Destruction Post Ernest

By Mahmud T. Kargbo (12/05/17)

The identification of faults in any area can often lead to the discovery that an individual or an institution is acting improperly contrary to law.

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