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21st January 2019

Doctors' Strike is a Wake-Up Call to Poke the Ruling SLPP Govt Out of Slumber!

By a press release (08/12/18)

Most Sierra Leoneans, especially the poverty stricken majority, are hopelessly worried that Doctors have decided to down tools in the country.


The Awareness Times Newspaper on Tuesday 10th December 2018, engaged a cross-section of medical doctors who are on strike and their concerns. (Photo: Connaught Hospital in Freetown). The Sierra Leone newspaper reports:

SLPP Should Take Doctors' Strike as a Poke; and Not as Politics

There are calls on social media as well as local hangouts like 'attaya bases', for the Government led by Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) to take ongoing strike by medical doctors as a Wake-up call; meant to poke Government out of slumber rather than acts of Politics as some government adherents allege.

The Awareness Times Newspaper yesterday 10th December 2018, engaged a large cross-section of medical doctors who are on strike and their concerns, whilst including obvious need for improved salaries and benefits, were also articulated to be a Call for the government to look into the rapidly deteriorating state of healthcare delivery in the country.

It appears the post-Ebola healthcare reforms have not been sustainable. "May God forbid it but if Ebola were to strike Sierra Leone again, I can tell you that the country is just not prepared to tackle it," a senior medical doctor told us on condition of anonymity.

"Even the basics like gloves and masks are not being supplied to doctors in Freetown let alone our colleagues in provincial areas. As for access to diagnostic and therapeutic tools, it is a far-fetched dream in many places. Even simple laboratories in many areas are not functional.

"Kidney patients die in front of your eyes because the Dialysis machines no longer work. Is that fair? In many parts of the country, Xray machines don’t work so how do doctors diagnose lung illnesses like Tuberculosis?

"And when we examine very sick patients, there are no gloves or face masks so you see the problem? We are all praying that Ebola never comes back," were amongst issues posed to us by a group of the junior medical doctors in a Whatsapp chat.

Another medical doctor speaking on the line from the provinces, explained that some of "the so-called referral hospitals" cannot even do basic laboratory tests like kidney or liver function tests.

He told Awareness Times that "the Strike is also for our patients so they can stop dying in front of our eyes needlessly. It is a wake up call for the Government to do right by citizens. It is a poke; not politics".

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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