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21st January 2019

Return of Prodigal Son Sam Sumana Home has Shaken APC, C4C, SLPP Party Members!

By a press release (07/01/19)

The home coming of prodigal son and former VP Sam Sumana has ushered shock and mixed reactions from inside and outside Sierra Leone. 


Many elated members of the main opposition APC party do not care how Sierra Leone's former Vice President Alhaji Sam Sumana was allowed back home but array of oppositions have already started rearing ugly heads. (Photo: Sam Sumana, 1st left, with former President Ernest Koroma, 2nd right, during the Makeni peace talks).
Reports say the dismissed VP Sam Sumana, under the APC government of President Ernest Bai Koroma, has been welcomed back to the APC party after many months of behind the scenes machinations.

Sam Sumana shockily met with erstwhile President Koroma last Friday in Makeni to bury the hatchet which emanated when the latter arbitrarily sacked him few years ago. Sam Sumana later became flagbearer of the C4C political party which dented the APC big time in Kono District in the March 2018 elections that ushered in the SLPP government of President Maada Bio.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Sam Sumana was bribed 2 million US dollars when he met with Ernest Koroma in Makeni on Friday January 4, 2019. It was allegedly agreed that the bribe was a consolation from Ernest to Sam to return to the APC and to lead the party in the 2023 elections. (Photo: The Sam Sumana and Ernest friendly embrace says it all).

After 30 minutes of closed door meeting between the two politicians, unconfirmed report revealed that Sam Sumana will resign from the C4C party very soon and part of the $2 million dollars will be used to convince C4C supporters in Kono to rejoin the APC.

The visit by Sam Sumana and the leadership offer has angered supporters of Dr Samura Kamara, the former APC presidential candidate. Insults have started raining in on social media. One Abu Kamara said: "Ernest is a wicked leader who wants to destroy APC. Samura is popular in the party and now he wants to dump the man for Sam Sumana who took money from the APC for the second rounds but failed to declare for us. We will resist Ernest Koroma and chase him out of this party so he can go back to PDP."

Many C4C members have also reacted angrily to the visit of Sam Sumana to Makeni. Sahr Jabbie said: "Sam Sumana is a shameless man. With all the disgrace and embarrassment Ernest Koroma put him through how can he sell his soul for $2 million dollars. Kono will never vote APC and C4C members will join SLPP than vote for Sam Sumana. He is a betrayal and cheap politician."

SLPP supporter Mr. Sorie Fofana observed: "Ooo APC..this is more like a dog licking its vomit. Una for make chairman for life crown am as una flagbearer. It is amazing the EBK who dragged Sam out of us disgracefully and Sam who once referred to EBK as dictator are now having an unholy alliance. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

"This is paving d way for EBK to retire from active party or APC politics. APC will then give Sam Sumana a leadership role in d party just to capture d Kono votes. Will Sam Samana now sacrifice his C4C party just to play a lead role in d APC? Where are d protagonists from Kono: Diana and Logus? Their role in d APC is finished.

"Sam has negotiated a good deal from d APC for himself. He has asked for EBK to relinquish his position as Chairman/Leader of d APC. That has been accepted. Many changes will soon take place in d APC party. EBK has surrendered to Sam just to appease d hardliners in d party. EBK and Sam will soon embark on a joint nationwide tour to announce that d party is now poised to capture State House in 2028.

"Politics is full of intrigues. EBK has finally swallowed humble pie, by accepting Sam Sumana to return to d APC and play a leadership role," Sorie concluded.

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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