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21st January 2019

Christian Lawyers Center Helps the Poor to Freely Get Justice in Sierra Leone! 

By Ranger (07/01/19)

A Freetown Barrister, Rashid Dumbuya has launched a 'Free of Charge' Christian Lawyers Center to help curb expensive legal costs.


Reports say the launch of a Christian Lawyers Center is in response to a felt need for pro bono legal services to a whole range of citizens who otherwise would find it very expensive and difficult to establish their claims to justice in the country. (Photo: Barrister Rashid Dumbuya, a good Samaritan worth emulating).

Barrister Rashid Dumbuya's emphasis on the Christian in the title of the center comes from Psalm 68, wherein God Almighty is described as the supreme defender of human rights.

Speaking eloquently on the reasons for setting up this particular Legal Link to serve principally not only Christian but all religious interests in the country, Lawyer Dumbuya explained that South Africa has the most progressive legal advocacy system on the continent because their lawyers are proactive and daily take litigation against the government and its agencies having to do with the provision of human rights.

As such, Lawyer Dumbuya explained that the idea behind this unique initiative is to defend the less privileged in society including widows, the disabled and a whole range of individuals and communities who as at now find it difficult for financial and other reasons to take their cases to the courts.

"The legal links company which is fully incorporated, will have a staffed office at 89 Fort Street in Freetown and will have a board of directors. Its funding will come from contributions by its members as well as donations from a sympathetic public be it individual or corporate.

"Communities in conflict with big corporations, such as mining and agricultural companies that refuse to operate within the ambit of the law, can also count on legal links to take their case to the courts.

"In a nutshell, Christian Lawyers Center is formed to fill the gaping hole left in providing specialized legal assistance, professional advice and legal representation to the country’s religious community in terms of respecting and protection of fundamental human right of citizens," Barrister Dumbuya stressed.

He explained that the idea for this noble humanitarian enterprise was born on a chilly winter’s day in Scotland where he was studying for a post-graduate law degree.

"It came out of the incubator in 2014 and is now a reality that every Sierra Leonean can take advantage of to set wrongs right. The beauty of the Christian Lawyers Center is that it offers its services free of charge," Barrister noted.

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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