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20th April 2018

All Aspirants’ Alliance (AAA) Endangers SLPP Unity for Electoral Victory!!

By a press release (13/05/17)

Is it true the All Aspirants’ Alliance AAA is technically damaging the SLPP as it has no authority to make pronouncements for the SLPP party?


Without authority the AAA can no longer fully function so to say that it wants to put itself in a position to broker peace is a non starter. From its own release, it is evidently clear that the AAA never had any clout or any authority whatsoever. (Pictured: Has the much heralded peace talks been fruitful for the boneless SLPP?) Below is the recent press release by AAA:

The AAA wishes to intimate all SLPP members and the public of its activities over the past few months and its outlook for the party which have been the source of much misplaced speculation.

During this period a series of appraisals and internal elections amongst its membership resulted in the election of a North Western leader, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella and a South Eastern Leader, Mr. Andrew Keili. Regrettably out of the membership of ten, five opted to pursue their leadership ambitions outside the AAA, citing dissatisfaction with the process.

The AAA, true to its ideals of instilling constitutionality within the party and generally ensuring a level playing field for party elections has continued with various actions to achieve these. Again, regrettably, the peace process, resulting in a peace accord initiated by the Evergreen Peace Movement was aborted. The net effect is that litigation in the courts has continued and the party has continued to be ridden asunder into various factions.

The AAA would like to clarify the following issues about which it has probably been misrepresented.

1. All members of the AAA subscribed to the modus operandi for choosing its leadership and the AAA considers the entire process fair and transparent. We wish our erstwhile members well in their endeavours within the party.

2. Notwithstanding, the resignation of a few of its members, its followers in the rank and file membership around the country still remains intact. These consist of people who share the AAA's ideals and are dissatisfied with their treatment within the party.

3. Recognising the importance of the registration process to our party's electoral prospects, AAA members got intimately involved in sensitisation of our party members directly and indirectly through various SLPP groups around the country.

4. The AAA has held several consultations around the country with its membership. A significant proportion of this number is restive and calling for alternative avenues outside the party. Some are veteran party loyalists who have given their all to the party over the years. There are however those who call for working within the party if their grievances could be addressed.

5. The AAA has not, contrary to speculation embarked upon the formation of another political party, even though some of its membership, probably perceiving that the situation within the party is irretrievable may have done so without the official fiat of the AAA. The AAA however remains committed to speedily sorting out the problems within the party.

It is the view of the AAA that irrespective of the outcome of the current Appeal hearing, litigation will most likely continue because of other perceived irregularities related to elections leading to the delegates' conference, possibly continuing to the end of the year and losing SLPP valuable time to prepare well for elections.

It is patently clear that there can be no winner in such a situation and that the main loser will be the SLPP. The AAA has therefore resolved to initiate talks with other factions within the party, with such discussions hopefully resulting in a negotiated settlement of the most salient issues dividing the party and will start taking active steps immediately to realise this laudable objective. It entreats other parties to join these discussions in good faith to produce positive results for the good of SLPP.

The End


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