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22nd January 2018

Airtel SL Accused of Recklessly Using High Tech to Steal Mobile Data!!

By a press release (13/05/17)

The leading telecommunications company in Sierra Leone, Airtel, has been accused of cheating many innocent customers in the country.


Following an increase in tariff a month ago by mobile companies in Sierra Leone, citizens were told within a period of four months there would be better service delivery to customers. (Pictured: Sierra Leone Information and Broadcasting Minister Mohamed Bangura needs to nip this problem in the bud soon).

Reports, however, have confirmed that telecommunications giant Airtel has unfortunately intensified cheating and defrauding Sierra Leoneans on a daily basis.

A disgruntled customer disclosed: “When Airtel introduced their so-called daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions, Sierra Leoneans were never told about over use of data. All we were told was that if you subscribe daily you have unlimited browsing from the time of subscription to 12 am.”

“But today this trend has changed because corrupt staff within Airtel mobile company are now limiting our browsing as they feel and when you contact the customer care line, after long unnecessary waiting, they end up telling you about you overusing ‘your data’. It’s very unfair for Airtel to ignore the unlimited browsing subscription contract we signed,” angry customers blast.

Airtel is also in the habit of unnecessary charges which are all part of their scheme to defraud the people of this country and this day light robbery have allegedly been endorsed by NATCOM, the government body responsible for regulating telecommunication companies in Sierra Leone. 

“This same NATCOM sat down and watched Airtel violates the Telecommunications Act by increasing tariff and cheats people for over three days and NATCOM did not ask Airtel to compensate the citizens but only asked them to revert to the old billing,” one Bintu Kamara in Freetown complains.

Reports of Airtel mobile company defrauding citizens of Sierra Leone on a daily basis is unacceptable and if something positive is not done quickly and fast by government the people will continue to experience untold suffering.

“Airtel mobile company is not good for this country. They are thieves and should be kicked out of Sierra Leone. We are tired of Airtel cheating from 2004 to now,” customers vent their venom.

The people of Sierra Leone have clearly not seen any difference since the recent transformation from Airtel to Orange. Customers hope that Orange will change this public relations disaster they inherited from Airtel. Government must force this company to explain clearly to customers about any contracts they are going in to.


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