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22nd January 2018

Invest Time and Resources on Youths for a Better Middle Class Income

By Thorlu APC Pikin (11/05/17)

The economic exclusion of youths is one major cause of the bloody civil conflict in Sierra Leone destroying lives and property. 


The RUF was able to attract the young people not because they were inclined to violence, but because they lacked social incentives and were economically and politically marginalized by poverty thanks to the failures of state institutions in the country. (Pictured: President Ernest Koroma is very focused on youths development).

One of the greatest failures of state building in Sierra Leone has been the economic front. While poverty affects every section of the society, unemployed youths are especially impacted by the inability to achieve a meaningful livelihood. 

Three fourths of the Sierra Leone population between the ages of 18-40 are unemployed, and the few who do have jobs often are not yielded enough to escape the clutches of poverty.

We must invest solely on the middle class to establish a very strong middle class economy that will help create jobs for the middle class and possibly reduce the gap between the rich and the poor in Sierra Leone. 

We cannot fully rely on the donor communities to help provide jobs for the young people in the country. The government should create opportunities, trade schools, learning centres, scholarship programmes etc. to ease the pains suffered by the poor income families.

The time for such opportunities to be only for the well-to-do families should be the thing of the past. With empowering the suffering youths, Sierra Leone will see a growing middle class economy that will benefit everyone not the few.


1958 -1980


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