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21st January 2019

Ex-President Strasser on Life Support Moved to the Private Aspen Hospital in Freetown!

By a press release (04/01/19)

The former Sierra Leone President Valentine Strasser has been moved to the private Aspen Hospital Brookfields as his health deteriorates.


Sickly Strasser was first hospitalised at the 34 Military Hospital Wilberforce for about three weeks but his condition continues to deteriorate and family members and friends got worried when he slipped in to coma. (Photo: The emaciated and sickly Strasser, a far cry from the gallant military leader).

Reports say there was decision for Strasser to be transferred to a hospital with good medical facilities but he decided to stay at 34 Military Hospital because, as a former soldier, he felt more comfortable at the military hospital.

Captain Strasser was put in life support machine when he slipped in to unconsciousness at 34 Military Hospital, but luckily after two hours of medical attention and as the Lord may have it, he gained consciousness and was then taken to Choithram's Hospital in Freetown for more tests. (Photo: The real Captain Strasser).

The former Sierra Leone President Valentine Esegragbo Melvin Strasser, who has been suffering over the years from poverty, depravation and alcoholism, is now eventually admitted at the private Aspen Hospital in Brookfields for better medical treatment.

Reports say former colleagues and friends of Valentine Strasser are onboard the campaign to offer help and assistance in cash and kind to their former Commander-in-Chief as he recuperates. Captain Retired Kambo and X Lieutenant C. Stevens are leading the Help-Strasser-Campaign.

President Julius Maada Bio is reported to be behind the suggestion that his former boss Valentine Strasser be transferred to a better and more equipped hospital as his health continues to worsens. (Photo: Skinny Strasser posed with the Gambian First Lady during Bio's Inauguration in Freetown).

Maada Bio was Valentine Strasser's number two man during the National Provisional Ruling Council NPRC military junta era but things turned sour in 1996 when Maada Bio overthrew Strasser from power.

Valentine Strasser was last seen publicly during President Bio's inauguration last year, when the President publicly allowed his former boss to sit close to him at his inaugural address at the Siaka Stevens Stadium. Many Sierra Leoneans were delighted to see it.

It remains to be seen whether Strasser was consoled by Maada Bio's PR gesture. As we go to press Valentine Strasser is recovering slowly.

Courtesy: From X Lieutenant C. Stevens.

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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