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20th April 2018

President Koroma’s Big Time Praise on Minkailu Mansaray Raises Eyebrows

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo (09/05/17)

President Ernest Koroma’s recent praise on his likely successor Minister Minkailu Mansaray has left tongues wagging in the country.


It's always very natural to hear people cry foul when they believe a specific individual in social position of trust that truly identify himself with them failed to get an award from the First Gentleman of the State. (Pictured: Mines Minister and APC Deputy Chairman Minkailu Mansaray).

When this happen, some may even believe the person isn't getting genuine attention from the President with all his positive strives or unflinching loyalty in making the President realise his goals. Well, whatever the feelings prove to be, President Koroma proved these huge set of nationals wrong recently and went on awarding Minkailu Mansaray the very heart of the majority within the ruling All People's Congress Party in terms of succeeding President Koroma and sustain the APC in governance with a Commander Of the Order of the Republic of Sierra Leone (COORSL) award.

Surely, one can quickly imagine what the opinions of comrades within the APC will be and even outside the APC as the interpersonal skills of Minkailu Mansaray knows no boundary. To ascertain the feelings of the people and give an objective reflection of their thoughts with respect to the said award, I decided to take the award outside the confines of State House where the event was held and meet the true masters of those in social positions of trust in the streets who are the ordinary people and I was confronted with the following words:

Hon. Minkailu Mansaray, continue to be the archetype of professionalism, representing the political and insurance profession within Sierra Leone and beyond well. He's creative and innovative when passing his experience to young people and it shows. 

He accumulates respect from colleagues, youth and administrators because of his willingness to do anything to help the educational community and less privilege stand tall and live an independent lifestyle. Minister Minkailu Mansaray, illustrates the paragon of an extraordinary political teacher. He keeps on creating a wonderful patriotic learning political community in Sierra Leone and the APC class; his efforts keep on earning the "Excelling" distinction for the All People's Congress political party. 

Minkailu Mansaray continues to be the divine influence upon the human mind to others by his professionalism and working ethics within Sierra Leone political landscape. He efficiently partnered with President Koroma and others within the APC Party and worked very hard for a successful transition despite many challenges. He's always very committed to the cause of addressing the challenges of the underprivileged and honestly address himself to their plights. 

The words best used by the majority of fellow nationals to describe him are God fearing, law abiding, growth oriented and problem solver, full of integrity, loyalty, professional, intelligent and tenacious. 

You truly exemplify ‘Integrity First and People Always,’ the guiding principle of any true good leader. As nationals, we register our thanks and appreciation to President Koroma for taking cognisance of his positive efforts by awarding him for being positive in executing his service to the nation. 

Thank you, Hon. Minkailu Mansaray for who you are and all you are doing for fellow nationals. And we say thank you so much for not letting us down and always ready to make us feel proud with your positive actions towards your country and people.


1958 -1980


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