24th July 2017

Sierra Leoneans Warmly Embrace Deputy Speaker Chericoco's Award

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo (07/05/17)

President Ernest Bai Koroma’s recent issuance of national awards to fellow nationals for positive performance is hailed in many quarters.

Among the awardees with the Commander Of the Order of the Republic of Sierra Leone (COORSL) was the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah, popularly known as ‘Chericoco’ (pictured). As he received his award, I went out and about gauging public opinions about his service to the public and they have the following words to say about him:

We know Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah, as a can do person with a positive policy and eagerness to help anyone. He's always willing to take on a new challenge with a nationalistic sense of purpose to help Sierra Leone grow concretely. He always looks for more effective ways and means to help provide services to fellow nationals. 

He cooperates and shares his knowledge and is invaluable by serving as Deputy Speaker of Sierra Leone Parliament, Chairperson Public Account Committee, Leader of Sierra Leone Delegation to ECOWAS Parliament and he's doing a lot to the law sector generally. 

The words used by the majority of fellow nationals to describe him are positively religious, loyal, patriotic, knowledgeable and sympathetic. He truly continue to exemplify "Respect for the Law First and People Always," which are the true guiding principle of any nation that is determine to move forward in a number of tangible ways. 

He continues to be an “excelling” public servant since the day he started his political career. He arrives at work on time with a pleasant appearance for everyone; always professional and approachable. He's a mirror to fellow Members of Parliament by desiring to learn all aspects of how to become a true public servant, providing national service to all nationals irrespective of status, geographical location, tribe and political party affiliation. 

We say ‘Thanks so much to His Excellency for paying attention to the positive actions of this gentleman and reward him with an outstanding award. Thank you, Hon. Chernor, for who you are and all you are doing for Sierra Leone and its people.


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