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24th May 2018

A Game Changer in Constituency 098 as the Lawyer Bah Flame Illuminates

By the Ranger (07/05/17)

As we approach the general elections slated for 7th March 2018 it is incumbent on every right thinking Sierra Leonean to think wisely.

And to examine the credentials of the people they choose to lead or represent them. Many intending aspirants for parliamentary seats have reared their heads, promising heaven on earth in a bid to woo voters; most of them have done nothing for the communities they live in. (Pictured: APC scribe Yansaneh, setting the pace for the likes of Lawyer Bah).

As the Krio adage goes: ‘da marade wae go sweet nar de bachelor’s eve you go know.’ Put simply in English it means: ‘coming events cast their shadows before them.’  It is in this light that residents of Constituency 098 have decided to pitch tent with Lawyer Bah. As a son of the constituency he is said to have had first-hand experience of the apparent neglect of the communities by politicians and has decided to effect a change even though he was not a politician. 

What has this Lawyer done to win the hearts of the people of this constituency? During an exclusive interview with several people in the constituency by this writer, a catalogue of activities was disclosed. Mohamed a prominent youth leader in the constituency said that Lawyer Bah donated Le20 million to the mosques and churches in that Wellington constituency and personally funded the Gala held at Wellington (Le10 million). 

Other youths and residents in the constituency further disclosed that he provided a 3.5Kva generator in addition to cables, bulbs and other materials to light up the Peacock Farm and Bottom Oku communities which ran to the tune of Le 12 million. Football loving fans said that he is the owner of the East End Rovers Football club of Wellington. 

Madam Kadiatu, a senior resident in the area, disclosed that Lawyer Bah’s support for the upgrading of the water wells at Old Wharf (Peacock Farm) Koya Town and Bottom Oku communities contributed greatly to his popularity among the various communities that make up the constituency. He is said to have spent Le 7 million on those projects. 

One concerned resident said that his contribution of Le 10 million worth of building materials to the construction of a police post at Up Mountain community is worth noting as it is geared towards improving the security of the area. Other resident disclosed that Lawyer Bah provided support for the banking of stream water flowing in the community in a bid to control flooding. One young musician also explained that the Lawyer was responsible for 5 of them. He paid their studio fees and helped them in other areas too. 

But who is Lawyer Bah? A close friend of his gave a brief history of Mr. Bah’s rise to prominence. He said that he was born in the constituency; attended the Wellington Municipal Primary School, then the Muslim Congress Secondary School from forms 1-5 and later the Saint Edwards Secondary School where he completed his sixth form. 

He later continued his studies at Fourah Bay College where he got his first degree and the Law School where he got his LLB in 2010. He is said to be of a man of quiet disposition but an action oriented one.  

In his conclusion his friend said that Lawyer Bah is a game changer and someone who will do more for his constituency if he is elected as their representative in Parliament.


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