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24th May 2018

Daft SLPP PRO Calling for Another War in Sierra Leone Blasted Wholesale!!

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo (30/04/17)

SLPP Public Relations Officer has been blasted for suggesting another war in Sierra Leone as the country gears for 2018 elections.

Reports say the SLPP party Public Relations Officer Mr. Lawrence Leema has been proving himself as an eloquent speaker since he took over the Public Relations department of the main opposition Sierra Leone People's Party. (Pictured: Is SLPP's recent peace talks a smoke screen?)

But in his last interview at FM 98.1 he proved himself not to be an expert public speaker as he went on with the unacceptable rhetoric of banging the drums of another war in Sierra Leone instead of concentrating on how his party can proffer solution on issues that are currently affecting the suffering majority. 

Mr. Leema said: “If the APC creates the platform, the SLPP is ready to take this country to another war. The ruling All People's Congress party has never won a free and fair elections in our millennial democracy. The two elections won by the ruling APC were against the dictates of democratic elections.”

Well, some may say his statement is dependent on something else or conditional or President Ernest Koroma also said the same words back in his days as an opposition leader. However, as a politician from the oldest political party in Sierra Leone, one would expect Mr. Leema to properly select his words especially when talking to Sierra Leoneans by any means of communication. Or even if President Koroma said the same words, is Mr. Leema telling fellow nationals that the SLPP is a replica of the APC? 

If so, no wonder why Sierra Leone is yet to concretely grow as per natural resources under the two political parties. The majority of our people who continue to suffer naked marginalisation from the hands of many of our corrupt-ridden politicians (SLPP and APC specifically) wouldn't be happy with any statement from any politician aimed at taking this country to another bloodbath. 

We can understand the frustration of Mr. Leema only to a certain extent especially when his party has being in the opposition for the past nine years with no signs in the near future of settling their internal differences, but that doesn't mean he should be desperate to an extent that he badly chose his words in the said interview and threatened Sierra Leoneans with another war. 

This makes it very important for us to take Mr. Leema back to his history books especially when he said the past two democratic elections of the APC failed to live up to democratic dictates. 

Mr. Leema, it's worthy enough for you to understand that the 1996 transitional Election was watchfully conducted under the nose of your current political head Julius Maada Bio who fraudulently converted the election in favour of the SLPP against Dr. John Karefa Smart's UNPP who was the legitimate winner of the said election. 

This means the people of Sierra Leone were deliberately robbed off their democratic rights by Julius Maada Bio to give the SLPP and Tejan Kabbah an undeserved victory. 

This further confirms that Mr. Julius Maada Bio is a rogue and he's unfit to govern the people of Sierra Leone democratically speaking because he's not a respecter of democracy as he failed to respect the democratic rights of fellow nationals.

It’s very clear how Maada went on twisting the rights of voters to satisfy his ill-desired intention in favour of his own political party with an intention to potentially win rogue empathy from fellow rogues within the SLPP party.


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