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24th May 2018

First Tricon Blames Govt. for the Road Construction Delay in Kenema!

By Philip Koroma (30/04/17)

Kenema is in a state of hopelessness as First Tricon blames the government for the Blama/Hanga roads construction delay.

Kenema city which happens to be the breadbasket of the country's economy and the 3rd city in Sierra Leone has been abandoned by past and present governments in the area of road constructions as prioritised by President Ernest Bai Koroma in the country's poverty reduction tool dubbed ‘Agenda for Change’ and later ‘Agenda for Prosperity’.

First Tricon contractors started raising the hopes of Kenema residents when it started the construction of drainage and its camp site at the Lebanese School in Kenema. The company indeed began work on the Blama/Hanga roads in Kenema with many jobless youths recruited to help do the job.

The jobless youths who were happy for gaining employment with First Tricon and contributing towards rebuilding their city were frustrated and left hopeless due to the company's frequent stop work and delay in payment of salaries since it commenced work in October 2016. 

The people of Kenema after advocating and lobbying the central government of the APC for Kenema city to have tar roads were in a jubilant mood when the news of the roads construction broke out but were later disheartened and frustrated to see a locally owned and hard-up construction company First Tricon contracted to do the Blama/Hanga roads. 

The people of Kenema believe the government through the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) should have contracted ISU the company that constructed the Kenema/Pendembu highway to construct the Blama/Hanga roads instead of contracting First Tricon.

First Tricon, according to critics, is well known for delay and poor road construction citing the Bandajuma/Pujehun highway and the Tiama/Kokonde road and the roads in Pujehun town.

According to unconfirmed sources, the company First Tricon is delaying the Blama/Hanga work in Kenema due to governments delay in remitting funds into the account of the company to carry out the job.

However, reports have confirmed that the government and party officials had initially disclosed the disbursement of huge sums of money to First Tricon for the construction of the said roads.

It is speculated that the road will not be completed as stipulated in the contract whilst many business people along the said road are losing customers due to road blocks and too much dust. 


1958 -1980


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