19th November 2017

Minkailu Mansaray & 709.41 Carats Diamond Have One Thing in Common!

By Editayo G. Temple (24/04/17)

Supporters of Minkailu Mansaray for the APC flag-bearer post have likened their candidate to the newly found 701.41 Carats Diamond.

Reports say this comparison came about following the upcoming All People's Congress (APC), National Delegate Conference to be held in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone, where the party's next flag-bearer would be unveiled and the recent discovery of a 709.48 Carats Diamond by one Pastor, Emmanuel A. Momoh of Tankoroh Chiefdom on the 14th March, 2017 that has been reduced to 709.41 after the polish process.

If the aforementioned is anything to go by, then Alhaji, Minkailu Mansaray (pictured) might be the next President of the Republic of Sierra Leone because LUCK favoured his life and administration.

Luck is defined as something that happens to someone by chance. It is parallel to note that the Star of Sierra Leone 968.9 Carats Diamond was discovered on the 13th February, 1972 during the reign of the late APC leader Siaka Probyn Stevens whilst the second largest 907.41 Carats was found under the stewardship of president Ernest Bai Koroma and Minkailu Mansaray as the Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources on the 14th March, 2017. Meaning 45 years difference!!

Putting into perspective the transparent way and manner in which the duo among others broke the news and subsequent international bidding of the said diamond under review, it is evident of the fact that due diligence was followed in a bid to reduce the chance of corruption. 

According to the look of things, since Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray has exhibited some of President Ernest Bai Koroma's traits of being honourable, having moral eminence and freedom from anything petty even when provoked it is visible that he might be recommended to serve as the APC 2018 flag-bearer by 80% of potential delegates at the forthcoming National Delegate Confab and endorsed by His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma who also doubles as the Leader & Chairman of the indomitable APC political institution, because he had made noble efforts.  

On the premise of LOYALTY, Minkailu Mansaray is exemplary, he has so far demonstrated loyalty and respect for his boss, uphold the core values and succession policy of the APC. 

Be it as it may, the million dollar question on the minds of political pundits is: Would this national success of a 709.41 Carats Diamond, metamorphose into something positive for Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray in Makeni?

Courtesy: Editayo George Temple The Investigative Journalist +23279316750


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