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24th May 2018

Over 20 Industrial Operatives Receive Radiation Protection & Safety Training

By The Ranger (24/04/17)

Over twenty industrial workers have received certificates after completing intensive radiation safety and protection training in Freetown.

The week long training was organised by the Government of Sierra Leone through the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority (NSAPA). (Pictured: Sierra Leone Energy Minister Henry Macaulay).

Reports say the Ministry of Energy and Power in close collaboration with the Management of the Africa Link Inspection Company Limited sponsored the training that took place at the Ports Authority Training School Complex on Friday, 31st March 2017.

The Chief Executive Officer of Africa Link Inspection Company, Ekow Hayford thanked all those who took part in the training exercise and stated that the training was purposely meant for operatives of the newly refurbished Africa Link Scanning Facility located at the Queen Elizabeth 11 Port Cline Town in Freetown. 

"X-ray scanning for cargo inspection is an indispensable port/border process carried out all over the world. The strength of the scanning process lies in its ability to non-intrusively permeate the contents of a container cargo to reveal the x-ray image of the merchandise in a very short period of time for analysis. Scanning minimises the proportion of containers subjected to Customs physical inspection,” CEO Hayford intimates the audience.

He said the training is timely especially when they have brought in a consultant to streamline their operations and to also comply with the approved Radiation Protection programmes and regulations including training certificate and licensing. 

The CEO pointed out that they believe regular training and compliance would greatly enhance safe operations and practice in relation to working with radiation in their case the x-ray scanner. 

He noted how the training will help the beneficiaries to what to do in the event of an incident, radiation dosages and its effects and to dispel some of the myths, misunderstanding and misinformation about issues related to radiation. 

He ended up extending gratitude to officials of NSAPA for providing the beneficiaries the training also extending thanks to the General Manager of the Sierra Leone Port Authority (SLPA) for availing them their facility and commended the Consultant for their company, Stephen Osei Aniagyei, for his priceless contributions during the training exercise.

The Deputy Head of NSAPA, John Jabbati, expressed appreciation for the way the training went saying it was not only intensive but well organised and full of exciting moments. He thanked the Management of Africa Link for always adhering to compliance and enjoined to continue doing so in the same spirit.

Mr. Jabbati revealed that the beneficiaries covered areas that have to do with Radiation Safety, Radiation Protection and Security. "You must spread out what you have learnt not only within your working environment but outside even in your homes on how to deal with radiation and its effects," he ended up admonishing the beneficiaries.

The handing over of the Certificates of Merit was done by another official of NSAPA, Umaru Bun Tejan, who said the grades were between 87 and 60. Mohamed Conteh got the highest score and there was no failure.


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