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24th May 2018

National Elections 2018 Coordinator Appeals to all APC Party Voters

By N'Bompa Turay (22/04/17) 

The National Coordinator 2018 Presidential Elections has appealed to all APC voters to register ASAP in this impromptu interview.

It makes a good read as the Elections Coordinator Leonard Pamusa ‘Logus’ Koroma, who is also the Transport Minister, gives an insight in to why and how APC supporters must register as the forth coming general elections draw nearer. Pictured: Minister Logus, second right, in London). The excerpts are as follows:

N’Bompa: The National Electoral Commission is waiting for the National Civil Registration to compile the voter registration documents, what are your comments about the constituencies where the indomitable APC have elected Members of Parliament? 

Minister: The APC is adhering to the regulations of the NEC. When the time for campaigning is announced the party machinery will definitely meet the people since the indomitable APC is a grassroots party. The Chairman and Leader President Ernest Koroma has reiterated that the APC benchmarks for Selection/Election choice of parliamentary candidates, councillors will be decided finally by the constituency. 

Present members of Parliament and intending candidates must produce proof of being proactive, eligible and show commitment to constituency development programmes and tangible evidence of the implementation of the "Agenda for Prosperity" in their respective constituencies. 

In accordance with the dictates of President Koroma and the indomitable APC National Secretary/General Amb Osman F. Yansaneh, I am appealing and urging all constituencies Chairman, youth/women sectors to ensure that their names are registered with this National Civil Registration to concretise their total commitment to vote solidly for APC political aspirants and all APC candidates that will be officially given the party symbol to contest the March elections in 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

There are vivid manifestations of vast support for the APC in those areas and my appeal to them is to consolidate their rank and file and thus increasing their membership and scrutinizing their intending candidates.                                                                                                                                    

The All Peoples Congress core principles are Action, Progress and Commitment. Idleness, laziness and violence are not tolerated within the indomitable APC. Members of Parliament, councillors and party officials who are not productive will have themselves to blame. The overwhelming victory for the 2018 elections will be only for APC candidates who have enough time to complete the Agenda for Prosperity, and those who embark on the continuity of the agenda.                                                                                             

My appeal to the masses is to show awareness and give unflinching support to the APC and to resist all forms of violence, intimidation and bribery by opposition parties. Don't sell your votes to wicked, blood thirsty vipers in human form. Resist their series of temptations and join forces with President Koroma to build a prosperous Sierra Leone.

Courtesy: Joseph Saidu N'Bompa Turay


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