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24th May 2018

Sierra Leone Women's Team Doles Out 10M to Charities in Kingtom

By a press release (22/04/17)

Sierra Leone Women’s Association has donated 10 million Leones to the Kingtom Variety Children and Family Services in Freetown.

Presenting the package on behalf of her organisation on Monday April 10, Madam Mariama Lowe Bangura who is the current vice president of SLWA said that her organisation, which majority of its membership based in the United States of America, believes in working with charitable homes in Sierra Leone to ensure that private care-giver organisations are given the boosts they need. 

She said her experience in working with Variety Children and Family Service mushroomed since the time when her other organisation, the All Peoples Congress (APC) USA Women’s Wing donated the sum of $2,500 to Variety Children and Family Service, and since then the management of the home has been accountable for any cent they used. 

She said, her organisation, which is headed by Madam Zainab Sesay as its President, is operating as a non-profit organisation promoting and empowering women, especially in education and orphans in Sierra Leone. She therefore said that their donation is not in any way unconnected with the aims and objectives for why their organisation is formed. 

The vice president named other members such as: Mrs. Lois Weeks, Mrs. Mary Kanu-Kargbo, Mrs. Roberta Sovula, Mrs. Mabinty Deen, Mrs.Minnet Sheriff, Mrs. Kadiatu Thulla, Mrs. Memunatu Sillah, Mrs. Safinatu Phoena and Mrs. Isatu Lowe-Huchensen, who she said have contributed immensely towards ensuring that their organization is what it is today.

She said their work as an organisation is indeed in line with government’s efforts to tackle the numerous challenges its faces with the children’s sector. She said they firmly believe the work of the President Ernest Bai Koroma through the Ministry of Children’s Affairs, and that is why their donation is to compliment the hard work of the Ministry responsible for children’s affairs in the country.

Receiving the 10 Million Leones cash, Mr. Francis Lahai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Variety Children and Family Service said that his organisation is founded in August 3rd 2015 by himself and his brother John Kandeh. He said despite the numerous challenges they are fraught with, they have now been able to get more that three hundred (300) children from the streets and to foster parents and bordering homes. 

He stressed that Variety Children and Family Service is a transitional home and not a bordering home. He said after children have undergone the necessary medical and social checks it would be prudent for the children to grow up in a society. Therefore, he said, their organisation ensures that it works with the Children’s Affairs Ministry so that the children could be sent to a societal home. 

He added that the donation is timely, and expressed great optimism for more funding to his children’s home. 

Amongst those that escorted the vice president of SLWA to the donation ceremony were Mrs. Saffinatu Phoena, Regional Coordinator of SLWA and Madam Annie Kabia, Adviser APC USA Women’s Wing.


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