19th November 2017

Legal Aid Board (LAB) Sets Up Human Rights Clinic at Njala University

By a press release (18/04/17)

The Legal Aid Board has plans afoot to establish a Human Rights Clinic at the Njala University in the southern part of Sierra Leone.

Reports say the Executive Director of the Legal Aid Board, Ms. Fatmata Claire Carlton-Hanciles made this disclosure recently when she added that students will also get education in legal matters. (Pictured: Justice Minister Joseph Kamara).

She was addressing Concerned Students of the Njala University and the Attorney General and Director of Justice for the National Union of Sierra Leone Students following a visit to the office on Thursday, April 6. 

In less than two weeks since the students embarked on a strike action, they returned to the offices of the Legal Aid Board in Freetown to say thank you for the legal assistance accorded them and to express a desire to work with the Board to promote access to justice.

The Public Relations Officers for the Concerned Students of Njala University, Alpha Umaru Barrie was full of praise for the Executive Director and staff. "You did not only provide us a home during those difficult moments but also ensured the release of our colleagues and represented those who were charged to court. We cannot be grateful enough," he noted.

Similar sentiments were expressed by the President of the Concerned Students, Melvina Fudia Kamara and the Attorney General and Director of Justice for the National Union of Sierra Leone Students, Hassan Timbo. 

Other students present were the Secretary General for the Concerned Students Mohamed Kabba, Financial Secretary Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, Abdulai Kamara and Magdalene Dumbuya.

Ms. Carlton-Hanciles said the assistance provided to the students was not a favour but part of the mandate of the Board. She however called on the students to channel their grievances through lawful means noting that blocking the route to the residence of the President is not a lawful thing to do. 

"As a legal institution, we not do not condone lawlessness," the LAB Director Ms. Carlton-Hanciles stressed.


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