23rd September 2017

National Advisory Council Decision for APC Flag-bearer is Always Correct 

By a press release (12/04/17)

APC stalwart has advised all members to respect the upcoming National Advisory Council final decision on the flag-bearer post.

Ambassador Alhaji M. S. Kargbo noted that the National Advisory Council of the APC has always selected the best candidate as the party flag-bearer over the years and further admonished all APC members to respect any decision reached by the NAC in this regard. (Pictured: Many top APC stalwarts eye the party leadership slot after President Koroma). 

"As for who is best fit to succeed His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma, I advised young people of the APC to desist from campism and unnecessary tension but rely on the final decision of NAC and stakeholders of the party in light of the aforementioned and in turn support the outcome for the general good," M.S. Kargbo maintained.  

Addressing his audience on the topic, 'APC National Youth League Past Leaders' M.S Kargbo in his submission whilst outlining his ordeals, also passionately recognised the philanthropic role played by the current Deputy Leader and Chairman of the APC, Hon. Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray towards the welfare and educational pursuit of his son, at a time when he was cash-trapped.

He decided to referenced such in his statement to young people of the All Peoples Congress (APC), at the Bai Bureh Hall in Portloko District, on the 25th March, 2017 during the close session of the APC National Youth League Conference on the theme 'Inclusion of Young People In Governance... Promise Fulfilled', in a bid to instill in them the culture of risk, recognition and reward which are the 3 R's in politics.  

According to Ambassador Kargbo, he went through a lot during the NPRC and SLPP regimes only to project the core values of the indomitable APC political institution during the period when the APC was in political wilderness with very little hope of its resurrection. 

He advised members of the APC National Youth League to focus, show dedication and commitment and pay attention to the leadership and ideology of their beloved political institution.  

Understandably, the NAC believes that democracy is best served if the best person for the flag-bearer post is selected rather than elected. A decision that continues to usher peace, unity and most importantly pave the way for the APC party in to power in Sierra Leone. 

Courtesy: Editayo George Temple The Investigative Journalist +23279316750


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