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21st January 2019

The National Grand Coalition Chair Lays Out an Ambitious 2019 Grassroots Plans!

By a press release (02/01/19)

The Chairman of the National Grand Coalition NGC party Dr. Dennis Bright has reiterated huge grassroots mobilisation plans for youths in 2019. 


In his Christmas address, Dr. Bright noted: "In 2019, we plan to take the NGC to the people, and we hope to engage our young leaders in an aggressive grassroots mobilisation effort. (Photo: NGC executives, 1st left, Dr. Dennis Bright, 3rd right, Deputy NGC Leader Andrew Keili).

"Season's greetings to all Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad from the secretariat of the Young Stalwarts Bureau of the National Grand Coalition Party. My wishes for all citizens of this country is that our government now and after will be able to meet the needs of us all especially our women and young folks.

"I wish that in 2019 our political leaders will put more effort into getting our young people engaged in productive activities that will see a rise in our economy and that our dignity as youth will be met. I pray that mechanisms will be brought forward to end Gender Based Violence especially on our women and young girls.

"As we draw the curtain down on 2018 series of reports of rape and other forms of violation of Child and Women's Right has left me with no option but to join other campaigners to seriously rise and stand against GBV.

"Sierra Leone is a small country not just by her geographical boundaries but also by our population. We cannot let political diversity tear us apart. We will not seat down and allow political party division further eat up the peaceful cohabitation we should be enjoying as a nation.

"We will as young people of the National Grand Coalition Party work in line with our party structure to ensure we unify all regions,tribes and sects and work towards one goal- Transforming our country into a competitive developing nation like some our sister nations on the continent like Rwanda and Tanzania.

"The NGC Young Stalwarts wishes to thank all those who have been supportive to our course. Our membership across the globe has been our strong pillar. The NA, UK/I n Continental Europe chapters we are grateful for your tremendous support.

"I want to take this opportunity to recognize our foot soldiers on the ground. The various support groups, Nationwide Campaign, In Sync for Change, Volunteers for Change, Northern Panel, every youth group from Freetown to Koindu, from Kabala to Sulima.

"We thank and appreciate the leadership of the party, Dr Dennis Bright and his executive, our Flagbearer Hon. Dr Kandeh Yumkella and his Running Mate Eng. Andrew Keili. We thank our MP's and councilors for the tremendous work they are doing to keep the dreams of the party alive.

"We will ever be grateful and supportive to them for everything. 2023 is far to start active politicking yet it is but some steps ahead so we are bracing up to be the change we are preaching and take up governance through the ballots.

"Long live the NGC. God bless Sierra Leone," concluded the NGC Chairman.

Courtesy: Ahmed Pompey Jah, National Chairman, YSB NGC

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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