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22nd April 2018

APC Working Hard to Win 2018 Elections as SLPP Ready to Cry Foul!!

By Sheriff Mahmud Ismail (06/04/17)

Since the announcement of the elections dates, the  ruling All Peoples Congress has immediately sprung into action to win in 2018.

Already, the APC National Advisory Council (NAC) is reportedly activating it's structures in and outside the country and getting its dynamic officers to engage with its membership and the public at large. Pictured: SLPPers during their recent peace and unity meet in Freetown). 

NAC has ordered all Zonal, Regional, District, Constituency and Ward Officers to remain in their positions. Then, the Chairman and Leader of the APC has re-appointed a new Elections Campaign Coordinator in the person of Mr Leonard Balogun Koroma, who doubles as Transport Minister. These immediate steps are part of the APC's early preparedness to win the 2018 election.

The 2018 Elections Campaign Coordinator, Mr Balogun Koroma, has begun mobilisation by activating the various party branches in the country and the Diaspora. "We are determined to win the 2018 elections in the first ballot and to do so the work starts now," Balogun said.

Political analysts say, electoral victory is not necessarily achieved on the polling day. It is usually the result of dedication and a cumulative of actions aligned with the objective of political victory.

Over a week ago, the National Electoral  Commission (NEC) has begun sensitisation of voter registration which is central to public participation in the next elections. The APC, including its several flag bearer aspirants, has taken the queue from the NEC, not just in the registration sensitisation but crucially also, participating in the mock registration to ascertain that there would be no surprises.

But, according to inside sources, the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party SLPP has continued to demonstrate incompetence by sending the wrong signal and clearly incapable of organising itself for the process. In fact, as the APC is uniting its rank and file for electoral victory in 2018, the SLPP seems to be tearing themselves apart once again despite the recent and much heralded peace and unity within the SLPP rank and file. 

In a public statement from Port Loko, a new renegade group calling itself the 'Concerned SLPP Progressives', has declared separation from the rather cantankerous grand old party. This follows what many described as the fake peace, allegedly brokered by the Evergreen Movement - another SLPP configuration in the search for peace that has, in the last ten years, eluded the palm tree.

The Concerned SLPP Progressives are an offshoot from the epic disintegration of the All Aspirants Alliance, some of whose members are also with the Pa-O-pa faction of Maada Bio - a man widely known as a violent and manipulative politician.

Given the circumstances, it is obvious that while the APC is dogged in its quest for victory in 2018, the SLPP has as usual, is gradually losing the plot.

A disgruntled supporter of the SLPP could not have be more succinct: "I believe my SLPP as it stands today, like yester years, is settling for another electoral defeat. While the APC is working hard for victory in 2018, we are planning to fail only to cry foul later on and then go to court."


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