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22nd January 2018

Sho-Sawyer Kicks Off the Sensitisation of Voter Registration Campaign

By Saidu G. B. Kamara (02/04/17)

The endorsed member of parliament for second term for Constituency 108 Dr Michel Sho-Sawyer has started sensitising voter registration. 

Reports say Dr Sho-Sawyer (centre) has continued to set the pace by officially launching his recent registration sensitisation campaign at the Congo Town school yard.

The programme brought together politicians, civil society activists, tribal leaders, government workers, and stakeholders in the constituency. 

Messrs Alphonso Manley and Barnard Conteh representing the civil society stressed the importance of the registration and urged people present to be ambassadors in bringing out people to register. 

The popular saying from the civil society representatives that they promoted was that the voter registration is not for Councillors or members of parliament alone, but for you.

Representing the ruling APC party were the Western Area West District Acting Chairman and the District Secretary and the Deputy Secretary. They charged the constituency chairman and member of parliament Sho-Sawyer to give the party the highest registration in the district.

In his statement, Dr. Sho-Sawyer thanked his people for coming out in large numbers. "It shows that our constituency is ready to get our people to register. We are not here to talk politics but voter registration, it is not for me but your civic right to own an ID that will be use for multi purposes," he urged members.

Sho-Sawyer also assured the APC District representatives that his constituency will go all out to give the ruling APC party the highest registration in the district.

The Member of Parliament who has been endorsed by the Zonal Executive is always taking the lead in bringing goodies to his constituency.

The Chairman of the Constituency thanked the Member of Parliament for donating funds and logistics and megaphone to the Constituency for the sensitisation campaign.

The meeting hall was jammed packed and was witnessed by Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Mr Theo Nicole, APC Sheriff, Denkeh, other personalities and stakeholders who also encouraged everyone to register.

Remember to register is your civic right, come out in large numbers to register as it will qualify your citizenship.

Courtesy: Saidu Gibrill Buzzom Kamara


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