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20th April 2018

Ernest Blames Aspirants Who Disobey APC Rules by Jumping the Gun!

By State House (31/03/17)

President Ernest Koroma has rubbished APC flag-bearer aspirants who disobeyed the party rules and regulations by jumping the gun.

As the guest speaker, President Koroma (pictured) noted that the party is in a very critical moment as its approaches the 2018 general elections. He expressed the need for party members and supporters to be proud of the work the party has done since 2007, and further urged party faithful to ensure the party transition to another APC government in the next general elections, saying in local krio parlance: “Parwa nor to by turn, na by how u woke." Meaning power is not a merry-go-round. It is how you work that matters. 

On the issue of the upcoming flag-bearer position, the Chairman and Leader said every comrade has the right to vie for any position in the APC and pointed out and that some flag-bearer aspirants have jumped the gun by not adhering to the rules and regulations governing the party as the APC is one family. "This," the president said, "is what distinguishes the APC from other political parties."

President Koroma stated that flag-bearer aspirants who failed to control their supporters and in the event send any signals of disquiet in the party will have to face the consequences.

President Koroma went on to state that the 2018 elections will be his last battle while noting that he is battle tested. For him, the Chairman and Leader said, the 2018 elections will be more about Ernest Bai Koroma than the candidate, and implored all to engender the cohesiveness needed to take the party to another smooth transition. 

The president, who is the APC Chairman and Leader, gave this staunch pre-election warning at the recent mammoth gathering of the ruling All People’s Congress National Youth League (APC/NYL) Annual Conference in Port Loko. He warned that APC comrades must not be intimidated by regime change rhetoric as it won’t work in 2018.

The President of the APC/NYL Comrade Bai Mahmoud Bangura who doubles as Minister of Youth Affairs said the theme of the conference is a testament to the inclusion of young people in governance. 

Minister Mahmoud Bangura added that the promise made by the president of laying his life for young people has been hugely fulfilled. As president of the APC/NYL, Comrade Bangura’s team has energised the entire membership, built consensus and resilience of the party across the country and continue to increase the membership drive. 

During his speech, the Youth Affairs Minister presented 68 members of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) who have openly defected to the ruling APC. He said they have professionalised the APC/NYL having a team of architects and engineers, writers and commentators, established external relations, capacity building among others.  

He described the NYL as the foot soldiers of the APC to tackle political propaganda and cyber mischief. Comrade Bai Mahmoud Bangura noted that under the leadership of President Koroma, there has been an unmatched increase in the inclusion of youth in governance in all sectors.  

He added that President Koroma has demonstrated that the youth are the leaders of today and has given a new definition of leadership in several development programmes and activities across the country. He also urged the youth to pay attention and come out to register in their numbers in the ongoing national voter registration exercise.

Youth leaders from the South, North, East and Western regions also spoke well and praised Comrade President Koroma for the inclusion of young people in governance and endorsed him to continue as Chairman and Leader of the APC even as he leaves office as president in 2018.

The conference kicked off on Friday March 24th, 2017 that brought together young APC party members, supporters as well as the party's leadership on the theme: 'Inclusion of Young People in Governance... A Promise Fulfilled.'

Courtesy: By State House Communication Unit


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