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24th May 2018

St. Edward's Secondary School is 95 as Old and New Students Celebrate

By a press release (31/03/17)

The 95th anniversary of St. Edward's Secondary School was recently celebrated in Sierra Leone as new and old students reminisce.

Many look back with humility and gratitude to the watershed general meeting of Old Edwardians as I convened and chaired at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone, building at George Street in December 2006. (Pictured: Old boy late Moseray Fadika).

At the time I was a visiting professor teaching a course on entrepreneurship to Master of Business Administration (MBA) students at IPAM. 

The attendees at the meeting, which brought together three generations of Edwardians, included Dr. M. E. M. Dumbuya, President of the Sierra Leone-based Old Edwardians Association; Principal J. P. Kamara; Principal Walter Davies

Classmates include Abdul Rahim Mujtabah, Gibril Saccoh, and Desmond Woode, the late Dr. Amadu Fadlu-Deen; Patrick Dangawali; the late Moseray Fadika; Ramzan Bangura; Brima Keita; Foday Bangura, "Bangso;" W.P. A. Johnson-Cole; Joseph Cole; Mohamed Turay, "Mr. Med;"  the late Bockarie Kamara, "Obokay;" as well as members of the School's band and football team. 

The meeting was one aspect of my long-term efforts, including founding the Texas branch of Old Edwardians, to work collaboratively to change the widespread public perception of the School as a "Rebel School" and to reposition it as a national leader in education. 

During my many business trips to Sierra Leone, I persistently urged Abdul Rahim, Gibril, and many of my Freetown - based classmates to consider contesting for the Association's presidency to infuse youthful energy into its activities. Gibril did successfully compete for the position, and has demonstrated exemplary leadership. 

More importantly, the meeting provided the catalyst for the rebirth of the school. In a personal correspondence to me dated 8 March 2007, Principal Kamara wrote: "After that successful general meeting with the Old Boys in Freetown, there has been a marked improvement in their attitudes. Because of your wise counselling words, we were able to raise a reasonable amount which we managed to utilise in the production of the 85th Anniversary package."

To date, there have been major improvements in the school's infrastructure, discipline, and academics. However, more needs to be done, particularly the pursuit of academic excellence. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the School's success. 

In closing, congratulations to the global family of Edwardians on this important milestone in our School's history. To the Edwardians who have passed away, may their souls rest in peace. And may God bless our beloved Alma Mater  - St. Edward's Secondary School!


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