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24th May 2018

APC Party's Optimism for 2018 Elections High at the Port Loko Confab

By The Ranger (29/03/17)

Port Loko township in the northern province of Sierra Leone was painted red to welcome optimistic APC stalwarts from home and abroad.

As members of the ruling All People’s Congress APC Party and other stalwarts converged for the APC Youth League conference and it kick off on 24th March 2017 in the great Bai Bureh Hall in Port Loko district. (Pictured: Optimistic APC Germany Branch and APCers around the world who storm Port Loko).

Grand Chief Patron was His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma who unveiled the renovated Bai Bureh Hall and the statue of late Vice President Sorie Ibrahim Koroma where President Koroma officially opened the conference. 

The Chairman and Leader of the party congratulated members of the Youth League for holding the fort, further commending them for the sacrifices they have made so far for the party. “The struggle still lies ahead and you must endeavour, work hard and be committed so that the ideals and ideology of our great party are extolled. And do not pay heed to negative criticisms," he admonished.

During the first day of the conference, the hall was only opened to members of the public but the subsequent day was restricted to only those who have been earmarked to be in attendance.

National Secretary General of the APC, Ambassador Osman Yansanneh, chaired the conference. A historical rundown was given as to when and how the APC Youth League was formed, the struggles of the founding members and the varying contributions that the League had made and is still making towards the growth of the party. Also, a road map of which direction that the Youth League should take was also charted. 

Speaking on behalf of Government, Information Minister, Mohammed Bangura thanked President Koroma who demonstrated his willingness for young people to grow from strength to strength and also thank Bai Mahmoud the President of the APC Youth League. 

In her brief speech, Madam Elizabeth Man's, President Women's Congress said the fulfilment of the President's vision is a clear indication for young people to celebrate his achievements. She cited young people who have been empowered by President Koroma. 

The President of the Youth League Bai Mahmoud Bangura, who also doubles as the Minister of Youth Affairs delivered a speech in which he gave an update of the activities they have so far undertaken as well as those that are in the pipeline.  

He dilated on the significance for young people of the party to reach out to the wider citizenry on a sensitisation drive to mobilise people to participate in the ongoing voter registration exercise. Bai Mahmoud said President Koroma's love for young people is second to none or unfettered. "We now have young people in every sphere of the society," he noted. 

Other Executive members of the League including Ali Conteh, who is the Presidential Youth Aide, introduced the Chairman and Head of Delegations and also delivered addresses in which they underscored the roles youth should play in national development, challenges and how to overcome them.

In a brief chat with the Presidential Youth Aide, he expressed admiration for the Chairman and Leader of the party, President Ernest Bai Koroma, for what he described as his crystalisation of a promise he made in 2012 that he will lay down his life for the youth. “Indeed we have seen how he has transformed the negative perception about young people to a positive one evident in his appointment of them to key positions of trust,” he stated with pride.

Statements were also made from each member of the North, South, East, West of the country. Other speakers included Disability Secretary General, Operations Wing, NUAS President, National Youth League in USA, UK, Patrons Coordinator and APPYA.

The close-door session was only for delegates and National Advisory Council members and reports say they came out with strong resolution that will make the party more stronger for the 2018 elections. 


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